Healthcare Solutions Management Group Inc. (OTCPK: HSMD) Announced Today a Correction for the Record of Material Facts Concerning False and Misleading Media Coverage

Josh Constantin

Healthcare Solutions Management Group Inc. (OTCPK: HSMD), a private equity venture that was developing a vertically integrated healthcare system, released today a correction for the record of facts regarding its management and operations.  

Effective March 21, 2023, Joshua “Josh” Constantin was appointed as the Company’s Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. This is the first time Mr. Constantin will serve as an officer or director of the company. He had previously worked for Healthcare Solutions as a consultant and employee. However, because of his outside business ventures and interests in the medical industry and real estate, he had never served as an executive or a board member before.

Mr. Constantin is currently HSMD’s largest individual creditor, which was the basis for him stepping in as an executive of the company for the first time in March of 2023.

Mr. Constantin is recognized as the driving force behind the company securing a Property development agreement in 2021 to develop several hundred de-novo medical facilities. In 2022, Mr. Constantin successfully negotiated an additional Property Development agreement for Healthcare Solutions to develop a medical campus in Texas for a multispecialty ambulatory surgery center, two medical office buildings, two Advance Care Medical complexes, and ~20 satellite clinics.

In 2022, Healthcare Solutions suffered a shortage of working capital that severely limited the company’s growth and ability to operate. This financial turmoil led to employees speaking with the press, and Healthcare Solutions garnered a significant amount of negative media attention. At this time, reporters spread materially false and misleading TV news stories regarding the company’s management and operations. Mr. Constantin was falsely and maliciously accused of being an executive during this time, even though he was not an Executive. Additionally, fake news falsely and maliciously accused him of controlling the company’s payroll and being personally responsible for employees not being paid. Mr. Constantin was never an officer nor in charge of payroll or the individual who caused the payroll disruption.  

It was in fact, Mr. Constantin, along with another founder and their friends, who stepped in financially and saw to all the employees being paid what they were owed. 

Healthcare Solutions Management Group Inc. (HSMD) in late 2022, closed all medical offices and ceased development of all new facilities, which was before Mr. Constantin was appointed interim CEO.         

Josh Constantin



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