Healthcare Solutions Holding, Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Healthcare Solutions Management Group, Inc., (OTC Pink: VRTY) on Importance of Customer Service-Based Approach for Private Practices and Smaller Hospitals

​​​​​​​Healthcare Solutions Holdings, a medical service and device company focused on providing clinicians with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools, continues its commitment to supporting and improving independent medical practices and smaller hospitals, particularly those in rural or underserved communities.

Not only is HSI’s mission to provide clinicians with broader access to the most advanced technologies in the Healthcare Industry, but to also provide efficiencies to physicians in their offices so they can better work with and care for their patients. HSI’s main goal is to develop a customer service-based approach, prioritizing service to their customers first. HSI continuously strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through continuous assurance and improvements of information, products, and services by developing, documenting, and maintaining a comprehensive quality management program. As HSI scales, they see the importance of having “feet on the ground” and providing top-notch customer service. HSI recognizes that independent practices, practices in rural areas, and small hospitals often do not receive quality customer service; in these cases, HSI strives to step in as needed and deliver customer service to those who can benefit from it. Travis Revelle, Chief Executive Officer for Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Michael Ross, Vice President of Operations for Healthcare Solutions Holdings, and Alice Osborne, Implementation Specialist, speak on the customer service model of HSI below. 

“When HSI was founded, it was predicated on the mission to serve private practice physicians. Over the years, reimbursements have been reduced and costs of running a medical practice have skyrocketed. This leaves the private practice physician in a tough spot. They were trained to be physicians. They are the first line of defense for our nation’s healthcare and they are struggling. We wanted to be able to provide a platform that helped reduce the inefficiencies in their office, while also bringing the most advanced medical products to them to help treat their patients. Over the last two years, we have been able to build an incredible platform that delivers on this promise. It also allows us to continue to follow our passion in helping physicians drive better patient results.” – Travis Revelle, Chief Executive Officer.

“By having the best in class customer service, this will ultimately result in superior patient outcomes which is strived for by every physician practice. Service and operations are the foundation for supporting company growth. I am very excited to bring my skills and experience to HSI to further improve the excellence of service within our programs.” – Mike Ross, Vice President of Operations.

“Since joining HSI in 2019, I have first hand experienced the mission of HSI and the importance of quality customer service. With years of account management and customer service experience, I and the HSI team are uniquely qualified to understand our clients’ needs and deliver fast and effective service. Due to this, physicians are capable to deliver high-grade patient care at an advanced level as HSI and our team handle operations and customer service across multiple product lines.” – Alice Osborne, Implementation Specialist.

HSI is a medical service and device company focused on providing clinicians with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by helping clinicians gain broader access to the most advanced technology in the healthcare industry. HSI does not only focus on assisting physicians with exceptional healthcare delivery, but also promoting compliance with the industry’s best practices.

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Source: Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc.