Healthcare AI Can Augment Clinical Workflows

Advanced Provider Assistance Systems

 The current state of healthcare is where healthcare providers sit and type in front of a computer while caring for patients. By doing so, critical aspects of their stories can be missed. As artificial intelligence (AI) advances, it has the potential to render this manual click obsolete and usher in a trend toward seamless ambient solutions. Zero-Click© is a company that raises awareness of the trends in healthcare AI. The book Advanced Provider Assistance Systems: Autonomous AI, The Age of Intelligence, highlights how AI augments clinical workflows.

AI keeps patients at the center of care; it allows providers to capture their true stories. Although nascent, AI is promising because it automates the mindless non-clinical, non-value-adding processes embedded in the healthcare system. Advanced Provider Assistance Systems delves into the complex world of healthcare delivery and examines how healthcare systems can transform during this digital era. This book also debunks the myth that AI will eliminate provider jobs and outlines the inherent challenges of AI in medicine.

Anyone interested in this topic will be fascinated by these technological advancements. Individuals can see how having an AI assist in the background could change their doctor visits.

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Advanced Provider Assistance Systems: Autonomous AI

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Dr. Benson Babu earned his degree in Internal Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. He studied the Lean Six Sigma method while attending the University of Tennessee physician executive MBA program. As an AI Champion, Dr. Babu participates in projects to help providers improve clinical workflows while working in hospital medicine. Visit him online at his LinkedIn profile for his credentials.

Source: Zero-Click