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HealthAssist Watch

HealthAssist® is an application embedded into a Samsung Galaxy Watch that is designed for the older segment of the senior market; those people that don’t use digital technology and often have a family caregiver that oversees their needs. No need for a smartphone, Internet, Blue-tooth or Wi-Fi, although it is Blue-tooth capable to capture biometric data from glucose meters, blood-pressure cuffs and weight scales.

It reminds the family caregiver’s loved one to take their medications, schedule medical exams, while tracking heart rate and physical activity.

Should they need 911 and to notify the family caregiver of a distress situation, they can just push a button.

HealthAssist® also tracks the wearer's adherence to their medication regimen. If it falls below 80 percent, a threshold known as medication non-adherence, the family caregiver will be notified with the details. As one of the leading remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools, HealthAssist® can send important medical details such as vital stats to both the caregiver as well as the physician. This form of RPM technology is especially suitable for monitoring patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases.

The HIPPA compliant website, known as the HealthAssist Web Companion, also provides the ability for family caregivers to update and make changes to medication reminders.  Personal reminders such as, “It’s Mom’s Birthday Today” can also be added by the family caregiver.  

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