Health Screening Facilities in Dubai Opens New Avenues for Preventative Healthcare

Health Screening is a major development in preventative medicine that allows individual to get an in-depth analysis of their present health condition, and become aware of the diseases that they are at a potential risk of contracting in the future along with the related preventative measures that should be taken to combat them, beforehand.

There was a time in the recent past when we looked for any possible way to overcome the devastating losses and pain that accompanied being victimized by fatal and dreadful diseases. And seeking answers for the ever longing question of why? Why this happened to them and not anyone else on this vast planet.

Well now, after years of research and determination, scientists have finally found the answer to this question and also to the even more essential one, as to how to prevent these diseases from occurring in the first place.

Health screening is a major development in the field of preventative medicine and has the ability to potentially warn patients of the diseases there at a threat of. And advise preventative measures to be taken before hand. To combat the diseases before they are actually infected by it or allow it to manifest itself.

“We believe that the future of medicine should be a step ahead to where it is today; today treatment is sought after the symptoms have already become apparent in a patient. In the future we wish to see treatment being given to patients before they actually have to suffer from the pain and symptoms associated with the disease” replied a senior most physician at Eternity Medicine, when inquired about the potential of Health Screening and the future goal.

Every individual has a genetic makeup, physical attributes and internal conditions that put them at a greater risk of contracting some particular diseases in the future. Health screening is a process that analyzes each of these features in a patient in detail, to expose any and all the attributes that incline them towards a particular disease. This is done by conducting a series tests, examinations and scans on a patient to gain a complete internal overview about what is going on within the body.

When a physician at Eternity Medicine was asked about the importance of genes and genetic inclination towards certain diseases in individual he replied as,

“Genes and inheritance play an important role in health screening with new technologies like genome mapping surfacing, we now understand the integral role genes play in our bodies. And are able to identify particular genes that are related to certain diseases, on the human chromosome which may be passed on from a parent to his child”

The identification of such genes in an individual will determine that he is at a threat of being victimized by the disease associated with the gene, in the future, even if it is currently dormant in the body.