Health Mate Sauna Now Offering Full-Spectrum Saunas With Patented Technology

Health Mate Sauna, an infrared sauna manufacturer, now offers “full-spectrum saunas.” These are the only infrared saunas on the market which do not use food heat lamps. Instead, these incorporate Health Mate Sauna’s patented “Tecoloy” technology.

Tecoloy saunas from Health Mate Sauna instead utilize an LED panel, which does not produce any EMFs. Additionally, Health Mate Sauna’s analysis on food heat lamps-equipped saunas found that many of those lamps had surface temperatures of more than 400 degrees. Tecoloy-equipped saunas had a far lower temperature.

Tecoloy technology allows for a mid and far infrared sauna. This sauna is, as of press time, the only dual wave heater on the market to incorporate both mid and far-infrared.

“We’re very proud to offer full-spectrum saunas that are actually full-spectrum. After carefully studying saunas from other companies, we did not want to use food heat lamps as they did. They’re too hot, and you have to sit too close to them, otherwise, you don’t get any of the health benefits. With our full-spectrum offerings, you can sit comfortably in the sauna, never worry about getting burned, all while soaking in all of the health benefits. We’re excited to see what our customers can get out of these cutting-edge saunas,” said Amanda Kay Delgado, Marketing Coordinator at Health Mate Sauna.

Health Mate Sauna has manufactured infrared saunas for more than 40 years. They control essentially every part of their sauna construction, from the initial plans to sourcing their own wood, to building them in their factory, and so forth.

For more information about infrared saunas, Tecoloy tech, or to make a press inquiry, contact Health Mate Sauna at (877) 294-8994,

Source: Health Mate Sauna


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