Health Insurance for Self Employed in Nevada Now Being Offered by National Insurance Direct

National Insurance Direct, a leader in helping people obtain affordable health insurance, is now offering plans in Nevada

National Insurance Direct

Those who are self employed in the state of Nevada can now find affordable health insurance through National Insurance Direct. The company has begun offering self employed health insurance policies, including for those with pre-existing conditions. Their mission is to help consumers find the best possible rates, simplify the process, and help make it easy to understand one’s policy. They work with nationally recognized health insurance providers to help people find the coverage they need, at a price that will fit their budget.

“Many people in Nevada are self employed and need access to good health insurance for them and their families,” explains Louie Bynum, the chief executive officer of National Insurance Direct. “We are happy to start offering policies in Nevada, so that more people can easily obtain the insurance they need, and get their questions answered.”

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 30% of the country’s workforce is self employed. One of the most challenging aspects to being self employed, including in Nevada, is for people to purchase their own health insurance. Not only is the cost an issue for most people, but so is being able to work with a national company that will provide great customer service. That’s where National Insurance Direct comes in.

National Insurance Direct focuses not only on helping people who are self employed in Nevada find medical insurance, but they also meet their needs by making sure they understand their policy. They take the time to answer all of their questions, and that all of their health care needs are met.

The company has a team of licensed insurance ages who have a combined experience in the industry of over 100 years. Those interested in obtaining affordable health insurance in Nevada can simply request a free quote within 5 minutes when you call their hotline. They are able to offer health insurance policies through such leading companies as BlueCross BlueShield, United Health Care, Humana, Anthem, Coventry, and Cigna, among dozens of others.

“We are helping people around the country with all of their insurance needs, and offering them the customer services they want and need to feel comfortable,” added Bynum. “Now we can help people in Nevada to obtain the coverage that will bring them peace of mind and provide for them and their family.”

About National Insurance Direct

National Insurance Direct, based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, helps consumers obtain the health insurance they need at premiums they can afford. They have over a 100 years of combined experience, their team of licensed insurance agents help evaluate one’s needs, and find premiums they can afford. The company’s mission is to help make obtaining health insurance simple and easy to understand. For more information, visit the company site at:

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