Health Enhancement Systems' White Paper Connects Emotional Well-Being to Organizational Performance

Health Enhancement Systems in-depth white paper connects the dots between emotional well-being and organizational performance and creates a road map employers can use to move from their current state to better business outcomes.

Improve Employee Well-Being and Business Outcomes

​​​Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a world leader in workplace well-being campaigns has upended conventional wisdom with the release of its brand-new white paper titled, Emotional Well-Being Drives Organizational Performance: A Roadmap to Success. The paper shows how applying the latest breakthroughs in science can lead to happier employees and more.

While much of anyone’s emotional well-being (having positive feelings most of the time or simply, happiness) is hard-wired, the white paper goes on to explain, how the remainder can be improved with scientifically-validated activities that enhance traits like:

  • Mindfulness
  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Connection

There are two essential elements of success to align the roles of the employees and employer to boost organizational performance with an emphasis on emotional well-being.

The first is "person-activity fit" which gives employees the opportunity to pursue their favorite emotional well-being interventions in addition to organizational leadership that gives employees a voice, encourages learning and development, recognizes and rewards effort, respects work-life balance, and supports wellness and safety.

Striking a balance between both creates the necessary equilibrium to create better business outcomes.

The white paper was authored by Bob Merberg, a preeminent workforce well-being leader known for his groundbreaking behavior change strategies that are based on positive psychology, mindfulness, and social connection.

According to Merberg, human resources and wellness leaders intuitively believe happy employees are more productive, but science hasn’t always backed them.

In this paper, for the first time, research from various schools of thought has been synthesized and shows that supporting employee happiness under the right conditions leads to improvement in several key business indicators including:

  • Better job performance
  • Lower turnover
  • Greater revenue
  • Reduced absenteeism

Leaders can bring this objective information to their C-suites to bolster the business case for emotional well-being programs and strategies.​

“This white paper doesn’t just say happiness is good for business,” Merberg notes. “It shows how one leads to the other, laying the groundwork for a road map that can be adapted by any organization.”

Readers will gain a deeper understanding of this concept through real examples of business outcomes rooted in emotional-well being as well as learning:

  • The best way to gauge employee happiness
  • Common denominators of work environments where employees flourish
  • The role of job engagement, employee experience, and soft skills

Emotional Well-Being Drives Organizational Performance is the first paper to demonstrate the connection between employee happiness and business success,” comments Dean Witherspoon, Chief Executive Officer of HES. “It strengthens the business case. Ultimately — especially during the challenges we’ve all been facing as a result of COVID-19, natural disasters, racial injustice, and social unrest — common decency is the best reason for employers to promote employee well-being in all its dimensions.”

Download Emotional Well-Being Drives Organizational Performance.

About HES

Health Enhancement Systems created the market for workplace well-being campaigns in 1994. Today, HES’s reputation for behavior change innovation has led to an impressive client lineup. The company serves some of the largest corporations, health plans, universities, health systems, and membership organizations across North America and around the world, as well as mid-market employers. With 500+ implementations each year, directly and through select industry-leading partners, HES’s singular focus allows the company to maintain market leadership and exceptional value. Work of Art, an emotional well-being program launched in April 2020, has quickly become HES’s top campaign.


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