'Health Citizenship' Explores COVID-19's Shaping of the Next Normal in America

Author Jane Sarasohn-Kahn weaves pandemic data into picture of the evolving American social contract.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the forces shaping people into health consumers, pushing the public toward what author, health economist and founder of Think-Health Jane Sarasohn-Kahn deems “the Holy Grail of health citizenship.”

In her new book, “Health Citizenship: How a virus opened hearts and minds,” Sarasohn-Kahn weaves together six months of new data – including consumer market research, health policy developments, healthcare industry updates, clinical evidence, biostatistics and pop culture – to make sense of the “next normal” for life, health, health care and the evolving American commons and social contract.

In her previous work, Sarasohn-Kahn led her readers to imagine, “What if people in America were Health Citizens, where the government ensured health care as a social and civil right, health informed public policy, and people controlled their health data?” This new book provides a response to that question, tracing the catalyzing course of the COVID-19 pandemic through consumer disruption, toxic side effects, the social and moral determinants of health and the new social contract for health in America.

Throughout three decades, Sarasohn-Kahn has served every touchpoint in health and health care, including technology, bio/life sciences, providers, plans, retail, financial services, food and consumer goods. She is a health care consultant, founder of Health Populi and contributor to Huffington Post, and she supports organizations at the intersection of health, technology and people. She advises stakeholders in health on strategy via environmental analysis, scenario and strategic planning.  

Sarasohn-Kahn is an internationally recognized speaker and healthcare strategist, collaborating with leading organizations around the globe. She has addressed organizations including Adidas, CVS, Microsoft, Pfizer and Walmart on her perspectives on consumers and patients, health technology, health policy and the future of health care in the U.S. and Europe.  

Writing from her home in Philadelphia, Sarasohn-Kahn thoughtfully examines shifting perceptions on health care as a civil right, digital transformation, data privacy and public health and how the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated Americans’ expectations for health citizenship. 

“Health Citizenship: How a virus opened hearts and minds” tracks how the novel coronavirus re-shaped those consumers; how financial and mental health are becoming the most widespread, troubling adverse side effects in the pandemic; how COVID-19 has altered U.S. health care and the power players of the past who operate within it; the important role social determinants of health have played in mortality and morbidity outcomes borne by the virus; and, ultimately, how the combined crises of race inequity and health inequity have awakened Americans’ collective sense of health citizenship at an unprecedented pace. Learn more about Jane Sarasohn-Kahn.

Source: Think-Health


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