Health Canada Grants MADM™ Medical Device License

MADM™, Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module

Thornhill Medical has received notification from Health Canada that the MADM™, Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module has received approval for its Medical Device License. 

About MADM™

MADM™ is the first:

·       Digital anesthetic vaporizer

·       In-circuit anesthesia delivery device

·       Versatile anesthetic delivery:

o   Can be added to any anesthetic machine.

o   The same vaporizer delivers Isoflurane or Sevoflurane.

o   The rate of induction of inhalational anesthesia independent of fresh gas flow.

o   Can be added to any ventilator — even flow through ventilators or self-inflating bags to turn them into anesthetic delivery machines.

o   Can be used to delivery inhalation anesthesia in the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency department and even in the field during military operations or disasters.

o   Can be used with an anesthetic reflector to improve the efficiency of anesthetic delivery by an order of magnitude.

"We are extremely pleased to provide a new breakthrough in anesthesia delivery. Our MADM™ device can be added to any ventilator to create a portable anesthesia machine. Adding Health Canada approval to our FDA clearance now allows us to provide this groundbreaking technology to health-care providers throughout North America," stated Kipton Lade, President, and CEO of Thornhill Medical.

About Thornhill Medical

The MADM™ Mobile Anesthesia Delivery Module is designed and manufactured at Thornhill Medical’s ISO 13485-certified facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company develops and manufactures innovative healthcare devices. The founder, Dr. Joseph Fisher is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology.  He is also an active scientist in the fields of critical care medicine and cardiopulmonary and cerebrovascular physiology with more than 170 peer-reviewed publications and 40 patents. The University Health Network spun off Thornhill Medical in 2003 as a for-profit company tasked to capitalize on Dr. Fisher’s expertise and inventiveness to make novel treatments and diagnostics available to the public.  Our full story can be found on our website -

Media Contact

Kipton Lade
President & CEO
Thornhill Medical
(416) 597-1325

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