Healing Touch Charlotte Offers Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

At Healing Touch Charlotte massage therapists have successfully worked on many clients to relieve muscle strain, sports injuries, whiplash, osteoarthritis.

For those who have muscle strain, sports injuries, whiplash, osteoarthritis and other debilitating conditions deep tissue massage therapy can be a solution.

Licensed massage therapist and founder of Healing Touch Charlotte massage center David Turner explains, "Deep Tissue Massage works by manipulating the muscles' underlying connective tissue to loosen up areas that have stuck together to form "knots" and increase overall flexibility. This technique increases circulation to targeted areas that helps to eliminate waste and lactic acid built up in the muscles. Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. Deep tissue massage therapy reduces stress hormone levels and heart rate while boosting mood and relaxation.

At Healing Touch Charlotte massage therapists have successfully use various massage technique selecting the best one or combining them basing on clients complains."

David Turner is a licensed massage therapist of the state North Carolina and owner of Healing Touch Charlotte, Inc. massage center that provides classic techniques of massage, as well as alternative methods.

Healing Touch Charlotte, Inc. is a local Charlotte, North Carolina massage center that now has 3 licensed massage therapists. David Turner, North Carolina massage license # 900; Kim Lewis, LMBT NC # 10997, and Jessica Bego, North Carolina license # 8377.

To read more about different massage methods for specific conditions treatment please visit David Turner's blog at http://www.healingtouchcharlotte.com/blog/

For more information about massage therapy services available at the Healing Touch Charlotte massage center please visit web page http://www.healingtouchcharlotte.com or call 704-996-1460 to arrange an appointment.