'Healing through Happiness' Illustrated Book Debuts on World Mental Health Day

Wellness Influencer Donna Sirlin Shows That Artistic Expression Vastly Improves Wellbeing

According to World Health Organization, one in eight people globally are living with mental health conditions, which can impact their physical health, their wellbeing, how they connect with others, and their livelihoods. In March 2020, when the world was in lockdown, Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Reiki Healer, and Breath Coach Donna Sirlin explored how to alleviate her own stress and anxiety. She took an online art class and produced a vivid, feel-good book that has been widely recommended by psychologists, art therapists, and wellness pioneers. 

“We, the traumatized, are slowly awakening and mental health is upgrading like never before,” said Donna Sirlin, whose book Healing through Happiness debuts today in paperback, hardcover, and eBook. 

“Something wonderful is on the verge of happening. We have been unknowingly living in a parasitic reality, sucking the life out of each other. It's not on purpose and it's definitely not our purpose. I believe we are growing a movement of cycle breakers and awakening to this truth. Let’s start by asking ourselves this very question: What if happiness is our birthright, and the purpose of life is to have fun?” 

Healing through Happiness is available at Amazon and other fine book retailers such as Strand Book Store, Booktopia, Waterstones, Feltrinelli Education, Blackwell's Bookshop, Walmart, and Hudson Booksellers.

For speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one coaching on your own healing through happiness, contact Donna: donna.sirlin@gmail.com.  

Praise for Healing through Happiness 

"Healing Through Happiness radiates with charm and sparkle — much like the author herself! The joy and love bounces off the pages and into the heart of its reader. I'm so excited about this book. I can't wait to buy a copy for everyone I know!" — Inessa Freya, Feng Shui Maestra, Author of Fun Shway, A Feng Shui Guide for Teens, Change Your Room, Change Your Life

"I love how you can pick Donna's book up and be jolted to switch your mindset in the moment!" — Candi S. Cross, WSJ and USA Today Bestselling Ghostwriter

"I am inspired by your willingness to constantly choose the adventure of life. I admire the ways in which you communicate and share passion and possibilities with pure love to others, in a unique way that others might tell me to f*** off! I also love how you value, acknowledge, and love yourself as much as you love those around you." — Daniel Bobby Tuttle, The Provocative Intuitive  

"Donna Sirlin embodies what so many of us are seeking — Joy! Her approach, which is a total appreciation for life, makes her a wonderful mentor, teacher and friend." — Mia Mor, LCSW, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Theta Healing Practitioner

"Donna is a breath of fresh air in the world who brings lightness and ease to every situation." — Amy Shine, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator® (CF), Talk to the Entities® Facilitator (TTE CF), Movement & Body Process Facilitator®

Source: Donna Sirlin, author