Heal the Earth Joins Miami Rescue Mission to Celebrate 50 Newly Transformed Lives

Giving homeless victims an opportunity to make their life better through education

Dr. Farshchian donating to the Miami Rescue Mission

Heal the Earth Through the Arts Foundation has joined Miami Rescue Mission to feed and educate the homeless and help transform lives for the better!  Dr. Farshchian, Founder of Heal the Earth Foundation, was happy to share in the spirit of giving and wanted to help the Miami Rescue Mission with its CARE program. “The Mission of CARE Elementary School is to provide a nurturing Christian environment where children from the Over-town community receive the best opportunity for academic success and character development,” according to their CARE website. Dr. Farshchian said, “I am here with the Miami Rescue Mission to ensure that help is given to where it is needed. Whether it is helping a school with supplies or giving a hot meal to the homeless or joining in celebrating the graduates of the CARE program. It is nice to give back however one can.”

In the summer of 2017, inspired by Michael Jackson’s philanthropic work with the Heal the World charity organization, Dr. Alimorad Farshchian created “Heal the Earth Through the Arts.” This charity holds telethons live on Facebook; the telethons help to raise money for the homeless in Miami. Farshchian has stated in several interviews that this is his way of giving back to his community and continuing Michael Jackson's legacy.

The Miami Rescue Mission website states: “Since 1922, the Miami Rescue Mission | Broward Outreach Centers, The Caring Place, has served the homeless and needy of South Florida. Our Broward Outreach Centers were first established in 1992. Our Miami-Dade and Broward Centers serve over 1,300 men, women and children each day. There are approximately 800 people enrolled in our residential life-changing programs. At the heart of these decades of serving those in the greatest need are our core values.”

The Mission of CARE Elementary School, which is sponsored by the Miami Rescue Mission, is to provide a nurturing Christian environment where children from the Overtown, Miami community receive the best opportunity for academic success and character development. CARE Elementary School is a ministry of Miami Rescue Mission.  Every year, nearly 50 formerly homeless men and women are honored for their achievements to become successful in life.  Miami Rescue Mission , graduates 50 transformed lives every year.  This year, the ceremony took place at teh Miami Annexe Building,  this past Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. in caps and gowns! 

Dr. Farshchian, is the medical director for The Center for Regenerative Medicine, located in Miami , Florida.   For more information, please visit www.Healtheearth.us 

“ Seeing formerly homeless men and women in caps and gowns and being honored for their success in transforming their lives is amazing. It's a very emotional experience for the graduates, their families and loved ones, as well as our supporters and staff. ”

Ronald Brummitt, President of Miami Rescue Mission

Press contact: Bernardo Lessa-Bastos
Heal the Earth Through the Arts Foundation

Source: Heal The Earth Through the Arts Foundation

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