Heal and Find Hope After a Friendship Breakup in When Best Friends Aren't Forever by Kristen Reed, Out Now

Book Cover - When Best Friends Aren't Forever

Resource Publications is adding to their impressive collection of Christian reading by releasing "When Best Friends Aren't Forever," a transformative, faith-based guide to navigating the emotional journey of a friendship breakup. Written by black female author and podcast host Kristen Reed, this book blends authentic personal experiences with biblical wisdom to support women through the process of healing from lost friendships.

"When Best Friends Aren't Forever" offers a unique four-week program designed to guide readers from pain to peace, incorporating convicting Scripture, introspective readings, heart-check moments, and Sabbath-inspired self-care activities. Kristen Reed's compassionate voice and practical advice make this workbook an essential companion for anyone seeking to rediscover joy and spiritual growth in the aftermath of a friendship breakup.

Learn more about "When Best Friends Aren't Forever" at https://www.kristenreedauthor.com/friendship-breakup-book.

Kristen Reed, based in Dallas, Texas, draws upon her rich background in Christian[i] faith and literature to address this often overlooked subject. Her previous works, including "The Heart of a Harlot" and "A Look At Look," have touched the lives of many, and her latest book is no exception.

"When Best Friends Aren't Forever" is more than just a book; it's a movement towards healing, empowerment, and understanding the role of faith in overcoming life's challenges. Available now at bookstores and online retailers.

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About Kristen Reed

Kristen Reed-Belveal is a Black, Christian female author and podcaster from Dallas, Texas.