Headwall Partners With Varjo to Release Free Stand-Alone Download of Its VR Command Center Application

A stand-alone demo version of the Headwall software is now available to Varjo's user community

Command Center

Maryland-based software company Headwall has developed a patent pending technology that places secure video feeds, data visualization, real world hardware control, and command center training scenarios into an immersive virtual and mixed reality headset.

This new product comes from an engineering team with decades of experience and a proven record of excellence in command center system design.

A stand-alone demo version of the software is now available for download by Headwall partner Varjo's community on their user portal.

About Headwall:

  • Headwall allows existing command center hardware architectures to leverage a head-mounted display to view up to 32 simultaneous HD video feeds while enabling control of system hardware from within the VR/AR interface.
  • Headwall allows dashboards, live video feeds and any other source of data that would be displayed on a video wall to be viewed in virtual or augmented reality through a head-mounted display. The integration can function either locally within an existing command center or remotely.
  • Headwall integrates seamlessly with existing Command center technology and architectures. In a traditional command center, video outputs are added to the secure KVM matrix switcher. Windowing processors are inserted in-line with matrix switcher outputs.  Windowing processors are connected to SRT, HEVC or H.264 encoders. IP packetized data is encrypted and sent to the far end. Signals are decrypted and connected to the headwall appliance where they are rendered in Real-time to be viewed in the HMD. Data is never stored in non-volatile memory.
  • In situations that demand rapid decision making, Headwall enables operators not physically in the command center to gain access to the same level of situational awareness afforded to operators that have access to a large format video wall. The application allows diverse groups of operators to instantly collaborate, view and control the content from anywhere a secure connection can be established.

Contact: Mark Templeton, VP Sales, Headwall mark.templeton@headwallvr.com

Source: Headwall

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