HB Hive Co. Protects Honeybees with Inventive Beehive and Beehive Feeder

Hartman 8 Frame Beehive And Feeder

HB Hive Company, located in Belchertown, Massachusetts, recently announced the launch of its new beehive and beehive feeder system. The Hartman beehive and patent-pending beehive feeder offer integrated features to feed and care for honey bees, including the ability to feed the honey bees and check sugar syrup levels without opening the hive; vents to deliver critical air circulation; and tools for pest management.

“Our beehive and beehive feeder were developed from our own beekeeping experience,” explains Ross Hartman, president HB Hive Company. “Like most beekeepers, we did a lot of MacGyvering to provide our bees with the optimum environment to flourish. Eventually we started from scratch and built a beehive and feeder that incorporated our new ideas with best beekeeping practices. The result is a system we believe other beekeepers will appreciate.”

Our beehive and beehive feeder were developed from our own beekeeping experience...to provide our bees with the optimum environment to flourish. The result is a system we believe other beekeepers will appreciate.

Ross Hartman, President HB Hive Company

The patent-pending Hartman Beehive Feeder, by HB Hive Company, gives beekeepers the ability to feed the honey bees without opening the hive. This protects the honey bees from the elements on inclement days, discourages robbing, and is less invasive to the hive in general. Beekeepers fill the provided pitcher with sugar syrup, attach the pitcher to the quick-connect port in the feeder, and the sugar syrup automatically flows to fill the feeder. The honey bees access the sugar syrup from inside the hive, through a narrow opening in the special feeder framework. Beekeepers have the option to remove the feeder from the outer framework and place it directly into the hive, which is filled through the same quick connect port, and monitored through a viewing window.

The Hartman Beehive is inspired by the vertical Langstroth hive. With a strong focus on integrated pest management, the custom hive base includes a sliding screened bottom board, Correx board for varroa mite inspection, and a beetle trap tray. The screened bottom board slides out for inspection and cleaning. Three sliding entrance reducers offer multiple entrance size options. Viewing windows in the deep brood box and super offer a sneak peek into colony activity. Beekeepers control hive temperature and humidity with screened vents in the roof and base.

“Honey bees are vital pollinators who deserve our protection and attention,” explains Hartman. “We hope HB Hive’s products will catch people’s interest and inspire them to join our beekeeping community.”

Made in the U.S.A., HB Hive’s Hartman Beehive and the Hartman Beehive Feeder are available direct from the manufacturer and can be purchased on the company’s website. For more information visit www.hbhivecompany.com, email info@hbhivecompany.com or call 855-542-4483. Follow the company on social media @hbhivecompany.


Established in 2016, HB Hive Company designs and builds beekeeping equipment with unique features and high-quality craftsmanship. The company is comprised of beekeepers and craftsmen, whose expertise ensure delivery of products with enhanced functionality and impeccable construction. HB Hive Company is privately held and headquartered in Belchertown, Massachusetts. For more information, please contact the company at 855-542-4483, email info@hbhivecompany.com or visit www.hbhivecompany.com.

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