HAYMAN-WOODWARD Provides Business Development Support to HYBRID.

HAYMAN-WOODWARD has been contracted by French company HYBRID to support its business development endeavors and provide advisory services within Latin America and the Caribbean.

As part of this agreement, HAYMAN-WOODWARD will also serve as investor relations' advisor and conducting funding procurement for R&D for HYBRID.

HYBRID is a French-based company and the leading manufacturer of broadcast production technologies in virtual studios; developing solutions and products that allow the digital media market to produce value added content with an integrated workflow focusing on virtual studio sets and camera robotics.

With this opportunity HAYMAN-WOODWARD will prospect and establish channel distribution for sales to broadcasters in LATAM for their virtual studios systems as well as camera robotics, working closely with Newscasters and Production facilities.

"The collaboration with HAYMAN-WOODWARD will certainly allow our virtual studios software solutions to be well distributed within Latin America. We are confident that this partnership will enhance our presence in this territory and helping us become the gold standard in 3D virtual studios and camera Robotics; which has been consistently proven to be a cost-effective tool for live for broadcast studio production." says Olivier Cohen, CEO of HYBRID.

HYBRID has enjoyed extensive sales success in the European, Canadian, and Middle Eastern markets. Additionally it has sold into numerous Virtual Studio and Robotics projects, along with the African continent, developed in the beginning of 2010.


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