Hawk Environmental Services Offers At-Home Test for Asbestos in Cosmetics

Seattle Air Quality Testing Firm Provides Affordable, Easy At-Home Kits to Test Cosmetics for Asbestos

There has been much discussion recently about the possible presence of a toxic, cancer-causing material known as tremolite asbestos in cosmetics and makeup. Some of these products may have been marketed directly to children and currently there is very little information as to which products may or may not be safe to use.

Seattle air quality testing firm Hawk Environmental Services is now offering a simple, affordable testing kit for consumers to use to have their cosmetics independently screened.

Asbestos (as tremolite) may be present in the talc used for manufacturing cosmetics. This means that products containing talcs and glitters may be at risk.

Dan Ventura, Owner, Hawk Environmental Services

Hawk Environmental Services has trained staff that perform inspections and testing for asbestos in building materials on a regular basis. We use only NVLAP-certified labs for our analysis and are now offering a mail-in service for at-home testing of makeup and cosmetics for asbestos.

The test involves a simple screening process involving a method called PLM (polarized light microscopy). This method can detect asbestos fibers down to a level of 1 percent of the materials. While amounts of asbestos fibers below 1 percent cannot be detected, it is a cost-effective and simple method for an initial screening.

Hawk Environmental Services' at-home asbestos test costs just $40 per sample, which consumers mail in using a simple 4-step process followed by analysis from certified technicians.

Due to the potential health hazard and overall lack of information on products that may contain asbestos, Hawk Environmental Services has extended our standard pricing for asbestos testing to clients from anywhere within the United States.

About Hawk Environmental Services: The experts at Hawk Environmental Services have more than eight years experience in the fields of energy efficiency, building diagnostics and indoor environmental testing. Founders Ben Tressel and Dan Ventura are both well-known in the industry for their expertise and practical experience in all aspects of building efficiency and indoor environmental safety. Our Team provides the testing and inspection services necessary to meet state and local codes or to qualify for rebates, and will also design site-specific testing procedures to resolve any indoor environmental concern.

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