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Havens Metal is a premier American manufacturer of Copper and Stainless Steel sinks for the kitchen, bath, and bar. With a vision to develop advanced metal products and work directly with the homeowner, the Havens Metal brand is a platform where customers have the option to select, customize and purchase luxurious home metal products with ease. With a worldwide reputation, Havens Metal is a prestigious result of four generations perfecting the craft, innovating luxurious designs, and mastering the art of custom sheet metal.

The scope of products Havens Metal is capable of developing ranges from small to large-scale fixtures. Focused mainly on development and innovation in the kitchen and bath industry, Havens has developed luxurious and high quality copper sinks, kitchen hoods, and stainless steel sinks, as well. The company offers a multitude of designs with advanced features, customization, and custom patina artwork on copper farmhouse sinks. While Havens offers a full line of in-stock copper and stainless undermount sinks, they specialize in custom copper sinks, as well as stainless steel. 

The Havens legacy of skilled craftsmanship and top-quality metal products began in the late 1940s when Tom Vickers discovered his passion and talent for forming metal. As a skilled sheet metal worker in Central Florida, he had the opportunity to complete thousands of elite level projects, working directly in the trade to make the Vickers name the very foundation of all things high-end sheet metal.

Tom’s talent and passion was carried on through his son, Tim Vickers, who began learning the ins-and-outs of sheet metal from his father at a young age. Working side by side for many years, the father-son duo built up the well-known Vickers reputation for top level craftsmanship across Florida. With a shared vision to provide each customer with unparalleled quality and service, they established their own metal shop, a parent company to Havens Metal, Vickers Metal Works, in 1984.

After a few successful years in business, Vickers moved to a 12,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Orlando, FL, where they started to take on larger projects and grow their team of skilled metal workers. One of the first team members was Tim’s stepson, Dave Havens, who began his apprenticeship after high school, mastering the sheet metal trade like the two men before him.

In 1999, about a decade after it was founded, Vickers stood as the finest full-service sheet metal shop in Florida, contributing to thousands of custom metal projects in prestigious homes, businesses, resorts, and theme parks all across the area. Seeking to showcase their work in residential homes across America, Vickers began distributing thousands of custom copper and stainless steel sinks through online retailers.

In 2016, after crafting thousands of the finest sinks in the world, Vickers sought to create a new platform by which homeowners could experience their custom designs and work directly with the manufacturer. Havens Metal is now the sole distributor of all sinks manufactured by Vickers Metal Works. Combining expert craftsmanship with top-quality service, Havens Metal is an innovative online experience, allowing homeowners to choose and customize the sink of their dreams.

With a vision to transcend the homeowner's living experience, Havens Metal builds all our products under rigorous standards for elite quality. With this in mind, they proudly manufacture all products in the USA. Using state-of-the-art CNC fabrication machinery and modern 3D programming, all products are formed to exact specifications and receive quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process. Havens holds a visionary driven standard for top quality, which is why every Havens metal project is crafted using only American-made metals. 

As a Worldwide brand, Havens prides themselves on an advanced level of craftsmanship, resulting in the production of the most highly renowned copper and stainless steel sinks in the world. With our customers' investments in mind, the Havens Metal brand strives to lead by innovation and deliver exceptional quality across the globe.

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Havens Metal is the premier American manufacturer of Copper and Stainless Steel sinks for the kitchen, bath, and bar. With a vision to develop advanced metal products and work directly with the home owner,.

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