Have You Seen #NotNCAAProperty? Well Athlytic is Here, and Change is Coming!

Billboard highlighting the arrival of Athlytic is on full display in Indianapolis for the Final Four!

Athlytic Billboard

 Have you been watching March Madness? The hashtag #NotNCAAProperty has become the topic of discussion this year more than ever (with COVID 19 largely affecting student athletes) as students are realizing the money will continue to come in, but they won't ever see even a penny. Well, not anymore with Athlytic!

Athlytic is a fully integrated marketplace that will help bridge the gap between brands and student athletes, co-founded by industry professionals Jared Eummer and Ashton Keys. With new laws passing in multiple states allowing student athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeliness soon, Athlytic will be one of the first platforms to help educate, support, and connect student athletes to brand partners coming exactly at the right time.

Eummer and Keys also realized that having on-site presence at this year's NCAA March Madness "bubble" in Indianapolis could help push Athlytic and its goal of empowering student athletes. The signage also provides the company's website which will allow whomever sees it (mainly the student athletes) to look into Athlytic and all of its benefits.

Now until the end of April you can see the billboard featuring the trending hashtag at 3335 S East St in Indianapolis. 

To find out more about Athlytic or how you can utilize / be involved please head over to www.athlytic.io

Source: The One Brand Group, LLC