Hatha Systems Introduces a Groundbreaking Knowledge Framework Critical to Achieve Operational Agility

Integrated Knowledge Stack™ sets the standard for comprehensive transparency required for successful Digital Transformation and Operational Risk Management.

Hatha Systems

With challenges in Digital Transformation (DX) and Operational Risk Management reaching critical levels in most business environments, Hatha Systems® has in response introduced the Integrated Knowledge Stack.™ 

This Stack is a pioneering framework defining a comprehensive structure for knowledge extraction and analysis across heterogenous digital environments. Using the framework, organizations can establish perpetual transparency, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving business operations to ensure accuracy, traceability and the agility required for successful DX and Operational Risk Management.

"The more operational transparency an organization can obtain, the more agility it possesses to address and stay ahead of market and competitive pressures," says Rama Moorthy, CEO, Hatha Systems® LLC.

The Integrated Knowledge Stack™ (The Stack) defines seven (7) interlinked layers of knowledge residing in system software and segments the layers into technical, functional, and operational groupings. The result is a structure that enables comprehensive "Google-mapping" with telescoping possibilities into business operations and the underlying software mechanisms.

The Stack can span a single application or across entire application portfolios running business operations. Learn more in this Integrated Knowledge Stack™ White Paper.

"The Stack is a game changer for any organization in the midst of a DX initiative, such as movement of existing operations to the cloud or the modernization of their application portfolios," notes Harry Hanelt, Managing Partner & CEO, HP Main Group.

This revolutionary framework also enables organizations to evaluate static and dynamic analysis tools to verify which layers of knowledge are actually delivered, any gaps that exist, as well as the amount of risk (lack of knowledge) contained in DX efforts or in assessing operational compliance and resilience.

"The Stack defines the foundation for establishing a common environment and transparency for multi-stakeholder understanding and analysis," says Matt Porio, Managing Partner, Lucas & Associates. "For operational risk, it is invaluable, because it enables organizations and auditors to accurately trace compliance and the risk profile of critical operations."

Hatha Systems is proposing the introduction of The Integrated Knowledge Stack™ to international standards, with a goal of establishing a common framework for knowledge embedded in all software.


Hatha Systems®delivers Knowledge Refinery®, the leading platform for providing organizations with unprecedented and comprehensive transparency of business operation, delivering the end-to-end views, including traceability, required DX and Operational Risk.

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Source: Hatha Systems® LLC