hashGAB Officially Introduces RSS News Feed Reader & Group Video Chat Features

The hashGAB - Video Parody Maker is the first of its kind, allowing activists, comedians, and the like to easily record high-definition MP4 video news parodies directly to their mobile devices. The latest update, hashGAB version 3.1.0, offers a sleek RSS News Feed Reader and the ability to video chat with up to 3 people while recording HD MP4 video parodies. There are also 8 Top News categories available such as Politics, Technology, and Business for quickly staying up to date on current news and current events around the world. In addition, hashGAB end-users can search over 50,000+ public RSS News Feeds and save their favorites RSS News Feeds for quick access, later reading and recording.

"Version 3.1.0 of the hashGAB mobile application now allows end-users the ability to use article images and titles from their favorite RSS News Feed articles in HD MP4 video news parodies, spoofs, and video memes. With just one click of the ‘record’ button, end-users can go from reading any RSS news article straight to recording high-definition MP4 videos for sharing with family and friends on social media. Article images, article titles, and video conferencing included! Just one click!” said Conrad Harley, founder and CEO.

“No video editing required, it is that easy! Check out the hashGAB version 3.1.0 Video Demo and see for yourself! The video is accessible by searching for hashGAB on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or simply by visiting the hashGAB homepage!” added Harley

Moreover, the hashGAB mobile application relies heavily on the processing power of each mobile device, eliminating the need to transfer large video files to and from a centralized web server, for processing, and back to each hashGAB end-user. The end result is the instant availability of HD MP4 videos. Just seconds after completing a recording, videos are saved to the device photo/video gallery which  allows hashGAB end-users full control over with whom and how they share each video.

The hashGAB mobile application is available for Android and Apple iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® devices. Downloads are available from Google Play and via the Apple App Store. In addition, searching for the word “hashgab” on any major search engine or in either mobile application store allows for easy and quick acquisition of the hashGAB – RSS News Feed Reader & Video Parody Maker.  

About hashGAB

Launched in December 2015, the hashGAB mobile application allows end-users to record MP4 videos directly to their phone's camera-roll, such as funny news parodies, commentary, criticism, and news reporting as the fair use legal doctrine allows. In addition, HD MP4 Videos save directly to their phone's camera-roll for easy sharing on social media sites.

Media Contact

Conrad Harley
E-mail: hashgab@HDandV.com

Phone: 303.569.9660