Harvard Eye Associates is the First to Implant the New IC-8® Apthera™ Intraocular Lens in Orange County, CA

The IC-8® Apthera™ intraocular lens is the first and only small aperture lens for cataract surgery

Harvard Eye Associates, a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice, implanted the first IC-8® Apthera™ intraocular lens (IOL) in Orange County, CA, since U.S. FDA approval of this new implant. The Apthera™ lens is the first and only small aperture lens for cataract surgery designed to help patients receive extended depth of focus because of its unique optics. 

The FDA-approved Apthera™ IOL has a FilterRing™ component that creates a small aperture to adjust the amount of light entering the eye. It filters out unfocused light that can cause blurry vision and allows focused light to enter the retina. This provides a continuous range of vision allowing patients to see from near, through intermediate, to distance. 

The Apthera™ IOL is intended for use in one eye with a monofocal or monofocal toric IOL in the fellow eye. This combination is based on the patient's visual needs and can be customized to achieve their best personal results. It has also been shown to help cataract patients that have a low amount of astigmatism (as much as 1.5 diopters).

"This new lens represents a major new offering for people undergoing cataract surgery because it can help them see a range of vision, which previous single-focus were unable to do. Furthermore, this lens may be particularly appropriate for people who have had previous eye surgery like Lasik or RK. It's based on a very simple and well-understood concept from photography--that a small opening in a lens can increase depth of field greatly. Our experience implanting this lens in the studies that led to FDA approval was extremely positive, and we know it will be popular with patients," said Dr. John Hovanesian, one of the board-certified cataract surgeons at Harvard Eye Associates.

Harvard Eye Associates, also an active FDA research center, was involved in the clinical trial of the Apthera™ IOL and has extensive experience with this new lens.

Harvard Eye now offers cataract patients this advanced replacement lens. Patients interested in cataract surgery with the Apthera™ IOL may contact Harvard Eye by calling 949-951-2020 or visiting harvardeye.com.

Source: Harvard Eye Associates