Harris Water Main and Sewer Celebrates Its 102nd Anniversary

This December, Harris Water Main and Sewer will celebrate the 102nd anniversary of its opening. When Abraham Harris opened Harris Water Main and Sewer in 1917, the world had just seen the conclusion of World War I. While the company has expanded its breadth and focus over the last 102 years, one thing has not changed: the company still remains family owned and operated.

The company is now operated by Steven and Brett Kogel. Brett is the great-grandson of Abraham Harris and the fourth family member at the helm. “It is an honor to continue the family business following my great-grandfather, grandfather and father before me,” stated Kogel. “There is a lot of family history and pride in this business, and it has been an honor to serve our community for over 100 years, while adhering to the same high standards but adapting to changing times.”

Harris Water Main and Sewer specializes in commercial and industrial plumbing. The business has adapted and expanded since its beginnings as a residential plumbing service. The goal is to always maintain high service and customer satisfaction while incorporating cutting-edge technology into the daily operations.  Services offered include: sewer line replacements and repairs; repair due to DEP Notice for a broken water line; remedies to DEP cease and desist due to sewer violation; fire hydrant installation; fire sprinkler and combined water main; and new construction installations.

If in need of commercial or industrial plumbing services in New York, please contact Harris Water Main and Sewer at 718-280-9525.

Source: Harris Water Main and Sewer


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