Harmony, Silver's Unified Data Solution, Enables Efficient, Consistent, and Secure Digital Wealth Management Platforms

Silver Wealth Technologies, a leading provider of digital wealth management solutions, today announced the latest release of its powerful Unified Data solution along with its groundbreaking Harmony platform for wealth managers, investment advisors, and best-of-breed application developers -- respectively Wealth Harmony, Advisor Harmony, and Via Harmony.

Many wealth management and investment advisory firms are evolving their technology platforms to take advantage of today's modern, innovative wealth applications. Unfortunately, their efforts are often hampered by a "spaghetti monster" of brittle integrations and shadow datasets, resulting in inefficient processes, inconsistent data, and a poor client experience.

Silver's Harmony platform provides calm amidst the chaos by centralizing and reconciling a firm's wealth and advisory data from multiple sources and providing a single normalized data access point for all of the firm's wealth applications. By unifying the firm's data, Harmony enables truly efficient, consistent, and secure technology platforms.

"Building upon Harmony's foundational data management services, our clients are afforded the opportunity to orchestrate their own unique technology platforms by plugging in purpose-built wealth applications from Silver, our partners, and their existing systems," says Blake Henry, Silver's CEO and Managing Partner. "This flexibility is critical as advisory wealth firms seek to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market."

Learn more about Harmony and Silver's Wealth Applications at this week's IN|VEST 2019 conference in New York City (July 16-17).


Recognized by CIO Applications as a Top 25 FinTech Solution Provider, Silver is a leading provider of business and technology solutions for the investment services industry. The Silver team applies decades of the security industry and software development experience, along with a passion for solving real-world problems, to deliver cost-effective brokerage operations and wealth management solutions for our clients. Silver's strategic partners provide complementary services, software, and market data to enhance Silver solutions. Silver's proprietary software solutions are currently used by some of the world's most respected financial institutions to process tens of millions of investment accounts and trillions in assets.

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Source: Silver Wealth Technologies, LLC

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