Harlequins Enigma Release Tori Amos Coop EP And Octagon Volume 4 - Loom Album

the 2 new harlequins enigma albums will be released asap to major mp3 stores, via their distributor zimbalam. at the current time they have only been released digitally.

harlequins enigma`s the long road ep featuring tori amos was done in åge riisnes` primal year of 2009. the band`s heights led to special music in both 8 bit & 16 bit. the piano was a tough challenge for åge who is usually electronica orientated. with the help of tori amos he more then got by, & look at her as a professional inspirator. åge took his root, the amiga with him into the next millenium & while he composed 16 bit, he wondered if something was missing in his life & wiped the dust of the amiga 1200. 600 pieces were shaped in 16 bit & 8 bit from 08 till 2010. the 8 bit results were highly appreciated, & can be seen in the
ophidian series released not so long ago. he felt it as the parallel between 16 bit midi & 8 bit tracking filled him up & made him a better artist. the tori amos material consist of 8 tracks.
3 16 bit recordings & 5 8 bit recordings. keywords for the album is piano, bells & synth.


01 - Harlequins Enigma - The Midnight Sessions - Piano Featuring Tori Amos & Harlequins Enigma
02 - Harlequins Enigma - The Midnight Sessions - Night Feat. Tori Amos
03 - Harlequins Enigma - The Amiga Sessions - Lonely Forest Owl Feat. Tori Amos & Rob Hubbard.wav
04 - Harlequins Enigma - The Amiga Sessions - The Alchemy Of The Piano Molecule`s Crush On Mr. Oboe Feat. Tori Amos
05 - Harlequins Enigma - The Amiga Sessions - Daddy Feat. Tori Amos
06 - Harlequins Enigma - The Amiga Sessions - Boy Loves Girl Feat. Tori Amos, Sara Jensen & Elin Berge
07 - Harlequins Enigma - The Amiga Sessions - Mnemosyne Feat. Tori Amos & Emma Watson
08 - Harlequins Enigma - The Midnight Sessions - The Long Road Feat. Tori Amos

tracks 1 & 2 were mastered by rak mastering & was recorded in 2009 in åge`s home. the 8 bit recordings were enhanced & cleaned by åge riisnes before being sent to xtream audio for mastering. track 8 was mastered by xtream audio mastering.

cd cover art by: eric zendejas

- - -

harlequins enigma`s octagon vol. 4 - loom album was done in åge`s prime year 2009. with support from elin berge, sara jensen, tangerine dream & vangelis the album got comepleted. in the end feelings of joy arose in the band & they felt they had accomplished a classical/new age album to be reckoned with. much of the material is heartfelt. inspirators under the making of the full album came from norvegian classical composer edvard grieg, & also the works of ludvig van beethoven. åge`s classical interest upon the years have been mainly grieg, beethoven, mozart, smetana, tchaikovsky, wagner, rachmaninov, vivaldi, pachelbel, ravel, bach, mendelsohn & a few others. åge does never settle for one style only, at least not so far. maybe the future studio he dreams of will lead him finally to his favourite genre & settle for it. at a later time & another doze of relaxation, new albums from harlequins enigma in coop with tangerine dream, vangelis & jean michel jarre will appear. economically for harlequins enigma, this means that releasing
these 5 coop albums will cost them an arm & a leg, which means they will come, but be prepared to see them later then you expect they inform. the planned releases are spread in a triple tangerine dream album, featuring ex-tangerine dream members & others. 1 jarre album & 1 vangelis album, all featuring additional artists. this 4th octagon release consist of 11 16 bit tracks. keywords for the album is strings, flute, brass, bells, piano & classical vocals.


01 Operette Feat. Tangerine Dream & Vangelis
02 Flo & Fjaere
03 Middle Age, Castle & Playground
04 Sytrus - Pt1 The Trembling Path To Safety & Pt2 Elin
05 Egoiste
06 Jealousy
07 Harlequins Enigma
08 Loom Feat. Elin Berge
09 Labyrinth Of The Heights Feat. Elin Berge
10 Albatross & The Whalerus Feat. Sara Jensen & Elin Berge
11 Bow & Arrow

tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 were mastered by wave line audio mastering, tracks 1 & 7 were mastered by rak mastering. track 2 was mastered by last drop mastering. tracks 1 & 8 were edited by harlequins enigma.

cd cover art by: emiliano villani

both albums will be out asap via zimbalam, their distributor. they have at the current time only been released digitally. owner åge riisnes urge media to confront the coop artists on both albums, to verify that the telapathy matter between parties in coop is a reality that works for composers in our world, 2 distant places at the same time. harlequins enigma`s entire music database was made that way, unless he was alone. åge riisnes will later investigate a 2nd distributor who can provide the world with 16bit 44.1 wav files as an alternative to the compressed mp3 & m4a formats currently
available in common music stores today.

harlequins enigma contact info:

twitter: h_enigma
email: harlequins.enigma@yahoo.com
telephone: 4798152524
homepage: http://www.harlenia.com

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