Hard Asset Management Sells Unique Museum-Class U.S. 1907 Satin Finish Rolled Edge $10 Indian PCGS PR67 Through Private Treaty

A Rarity Like No Other: Hard Asset Management Places the Unique 1907 $10 Indian Satin Finish Rolled Edge From Its Reserve Collection

Hard Asset Management recently completed the sale of the exceptional 1907 $10 Indian Satin Finish Rolled Edge PCGS PR67 through a private treaty. This coin, renowned for its rarity and historical significance, was a distinguished part of Hard Asset’s prestigious reserve collection before its sale.

The 1907 $10 “Satin Finish” Rolled Edge PCGS PR67 is exceptional within the numismatic community, recognized for its unique mintage and incredible history it represents. With the business strike version of this coin being one of the rarest, having a net mintage of only 42 pieces, the proof version sold by Hard Asset Management is unparalleled, being the only known proof Satin Finish example in existence.

Christian Briggs, CEO of Hard Asset Management, reflected on the sale, noting, "The 1907 Satin Finish $10 Rolled Edge PCGS Proof 67 is a museum-class unique piece, embodying the apex of coin collecting. It represents not just a significant piece of numismatic history but also the realization of President Theodore Roosevelt and Master Sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens' ambition to elevate American coinage. This coin is a testament to their vision, combining art, history, and craftsmanship."

The business strike version, celebrated for its design and the elegance it brought to American coinage, was produced in a limited run of just 42 pieces due to practical issues with stacking, enhancing its collectability and value. Its historical background, rarity, and aesthetic appeal position it as a significant piece, transcending the value of other numismatic finds, such as the 1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar.

The sale of the 1907 $10 Indian Satin Finish Rolled Edge PCGS PR67 underscores Hard Asset Management's role in the coin collecting community, demonstrating the company's ability to offer access to some of the most significant and sought-after numismatic pieces in the world. This transaction reaffirms Hard Asset Management's commitment to excellence and its dedication to the collectors' community, ensuring clients have access to items of ultra rarity and historical importance.

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Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc