Hard Asset Management Launches 'The Hard Asset Money Show' on YouTube

From Podcast to Video: Christian Briggs Brings Expert Commentary and Financial Insights to a New Platform

Hard Asset Management, Inc., a leading voice in the world of precious metals as well as macro and microeconomics, is excited to announce the expansion of the highly acclaimed and one of the top podcasts, The Hard Asset Money Show, onto the YouTube platform. Hosted by Christian Briggs, Founder and CEO of Hard Asset Management, this new video format allows viewers to engage visually as they delve into the complex world of precious metals, finance, and domestic and world economics. Mr. Briggs is regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts, so the show promises to bring hard-hitting information that is transformational. 


The Hard Asset Money Show, known for its in-depth analysis and candid discussions, has garnered a substantial worldwide following for its fearless examination of pivotal hard asset financial issues. “In these chaotic times, understanding the forces that shape our financial future is not just an option, but an absolute necessity,” said Christian Briggs. “Our move to YouTube allows us to expand our reach and provide our audience with an enhanced, interactive experience. Viewers can now see the faces behind the voices, adding a personal touch to our comprehensive coverage.”

Recent episodes on the YouTube channel feature high-profile guests, such as Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty, and Homeland Security Committee Chairman and Congressman Mark Green, discussing critical topics like the potential U.S. rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the implications for personal privacy and national sovereignty. These discussions shine a light on governmental actions in finance and their broader impacts on personal freedoms and economic stability.

The channel not only transforms the podcast’s audio content into a visual experience but also includes exclusive sessions like panel discussions from the Foundations of Freedom’s ‘Voice of Reason’ podcast, where Christian Briggs and guests dissect the progression of digital currencies and their global impact.

As CBDCs become a hot topic globally, Christian Briggs’ conversations with experts help demystify the technology and its implications. "Our goal is to equip our viewers with the knowledge they need to navigate these significant shifts with confidence," Briggs added.

The Hard Asset Money Show on YouTube is now live, and viewers can subscribe to receive notifications about new episodes, ensuring they stay updated on the latest in financial insights and market trends.


Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc.