Hard Asset Management, Inc. to Secure $1.3B in Gold Bullion for Asset Builders International, Inc. Family Office

Global Demand for Physical Gold Sets Hard Asset Management, Inc. up to Deliver & Expand Gold Bullion Acquisition

Hard Asset Management

Asset Builders International, Inc. (ABI) exclusively engages Hard Asset Management, Inc. (HAM) for the procurement of a minimum of $1.3 billion in gold bullion. HAM is poised to deliver and expand its growing acquisition of gold bullion around the world.

ABI COO Mikhail Kaminski says, "We feel now is the right time to invest in gold, as we have runaway inflation making new highs monthly, government debt levels exploding around the world, and the systematic eroding of the U.S. dollar's buying power. After careful due diligence, we have chosen HAM as our exclusive partner to help in this next investment for our family office and look forward to working with their team."

The principals at HAM have put a strong buy recommendation on gold over the years. With many gold experts predicting gold could surge, gold bullion is a valuable hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, and future potential global financial collapses like we saw in 2008. Christian Briggs, HAM CEO, says, "Gold was up approximately over 27% in 2020, and we expect that trend to continue for several years.

"We are very excited about this opportunity to work with ABI executives to secure $1.3 billion worth of gold," says Briggs. "We have seen an incredible demand for physical gold over the past eight to nine months like never before. We are very pleased with this latest testimony to our company by the entire team at ABI and look forward to being a part of their overall investment objectives."

About Hard Asset Management, Inc. 

Hard Asset Management, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BMC Capital, Inc., is one of the world's premier firms specializing in the full-service management of hard assets for individuals and family offices around the globe. Our principals and employees have decades of hard asset expertise and strategic global relationships. We sell, appraise, purchase, and render opinions/recommendations on all U.S. and world rare coins, as well as precious metals. With a team of highly knowledgeable professionals, we provide our clients with advice on all the highest-quality rare, ultra-rare, and historically important coins for long-term appreciation.





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Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc.