Hard Asset Management, Inc. Experiences Surging Demand for Rare Coins Amid Economic Volatility

Unveiling the Investment Potential of Rare Coins in Today's Volatile Financial Landscape

Hard Asset Management, Inc., a leading global financial corporation specializing in comprehensive Hard Asset Management, is pleased to report a remarkable 2023 surge in the demand for rare coins amidst the prevailing global economic uncertainty. This development underscores the resilience of rare coins as investors seek alternative avenues to safeguard their wealth.

Over the past several months, Hard Asset Management, Inc. has closely monitored the growing demand for rare coins, which has been attributed to major geopolitical and economic developments. As fears of a severe recession continue to loom, investors are increasingly turning to hard assets for stability and diversification. The remarkable growth in rare coin demand highlights the appeal of these tangible assets as a safe haven amidst turbulent financial markets.

"We are witnessing an extraordinary surge in the demand for rare coins, as investors seek to mitigate risk and preserve value in an uncertain economic climate," says Christian Briggs, founder and CEO at Hard Asset Management, Inc. "This trend underscores the enduring allure of rare coins as a valuable component of a well-diversified portfolio."

The demand for rare coins has been on the rise in recent years, driven in part by the economic uncertainty that started in 2020 and the resulting search for safe investment options. This trend was fueled by a major investment made by BlackStone, a leading investment firm, in June 2021. BlackStone acquired a majority stake in the Certified Collectibles Group, which owns NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), which led to a surge in demand for rare coins and resulting in record-breaking prices. 

Hard Asset Management, Inc., one of the world's largest dealer firms specializing in precious metals and rare coins, has successfully navigated the intricacies of these challenging times. Leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and vast network, the company demonstrates exceptional expertise in identifying top-tier rare coins that meet the exacting standards of its discerning clientele. In addition, Hard Asset Management, Inc. offers insured storage depository facilities in both Texas and Tennessee, providing secure storage solutions for rare coins, precious metals, and precious stones.

Here are a few top gainers over the last few years as prime examples:

1833 $5 Large Date PR61 
2021: $400,000
2023: $2,750,000

A 1907 $10 Indian Rolled Edge MS67+ 
2021: $700,000 
2023: $2,000,000

1911 $20 St. Gaudens MS67 
2021: $185,000 
2023: $450,000

1907 $20 St. Gaudens Extremely High Relief Inverted Edge Proof 68+ 
2021: $2,200,000 
2023: $4,600,000

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar MS66+ 
2021: $5,000,000 
2023: $7,500,000

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Hard Asset Management, Inc.'s success in the rare coin market is a testament to its dedication to delivering exceptional value and service. The company remains at the forefront of this market, utilizing its expertise and global reach to seize opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc.