Hard Asset Management CEO Christian Briggs and Congressman and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green Discuss Central Bank Digital Currencies

Experts Discuss the Implications of CBDCs on Personal Privacy and Individual Freedoms

Christian Briggs, CEO of Hard Asset Management, Inc., and Congressman and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green from Tennessee, were key participants in a crucial live panel discussion, hosted by FreedomWorks in Washington, D.C., on June 26. The discussion centered on the potential risks and challenges posed by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as a modern surveillance system.

Watch the full one-hour recorded video from Washington, D.C.: 

"It was an honor to share the stage with such distinguished experts, discussing the pressing financial matters of our time," said Christian Briggs. "These issues directly impact our global economy, and understanding them is crucial for policy, investments, and personal wealth management."

The panelists delved into the hidden world of CBDCs, exploring their potential impact on personal privacy and individual freedoms. The U.S. government's plans to phase out certain industries, notably fossil fuels, were also examined. The panel delved into the UN's influence on such policies, specifically around food systems and climate change.

Exploring the future of finance, Briggs, Green, and Mandy Gunasekara, Director of the Center for Energy and Conservation at Independent Women's Forum, discussed the implications of CBDCs and potential regulation via the Federal Reserve's FedNow service.

The conversation also covered the potential threats to liberty from digital currencies and Federal Chairman Jerome Powell's prediction of a dual-reserve currency world. They also considered the rising price of gold, hinting at profound global economic shifts.

Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc.