Hard Asset Management Announces Private Sale of Prestigious 6 Piece 1885 Proof Gold Set

A Golden Milestone: Hard Asset Management Places Exceptional 1885 Proof Gold Set through Private Treaty

Hard Asset Management, a global leader in rare coins and precious metals, is proud to announce the private sale of the esteemed 1885 Proof Gold Set, a remarkable collection of six incredible gold coins from one of America's most transformative years. This set epitomizes the pinnacle of American numismatic beauty and historical significance, aligning perfectly with the company's mission to offer unparalleled hard assets to its global clients.

The 1885 Proof Gold Set, struck during the Gilded Era, represents a period of immense technological and cultural advancement in America. This era saw the establishment of major institutions like AT&T, the dedication of the Washington Monument, and the arrival of the Statue of Liberty. Amidst these monumental developments, the U.S. Mint created a limited series of gold coins, each a testament to the craftsmanship and economic prosperity of the time.


The set includes the following rare and exceptional coins:

  1. 1885 G$1 PCGS PR67 Cameo CAC: A stunning piece with only 1,105 minted, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and historical value.
  2. 1885 G$2.50 PCGS PR67 DCAM CAC: The finest known specimen of its kind, with a mintage of just 87, making it a highly coveted piece among collectors.
  3. 1885 G$3 PCGS PR67 Cameo CAC: An extraordinary coin with only 109 minted, epitomizing the elegance and rarity of the era's coinage.
  4. 1885 G$5 Liberty PCGS PR66+ DCAM CAC: Known as the finest of its kind, this coin's limited mintage of just 66 places it among the rarest and most sought-after.
  5. 1885 G$10 PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC: With a mintage of only 65, this coin is celebrated as the finest known example, embodying the pinnacle of numismatic excellence.
  6. 1885 G$20 PCGS PR67 DCAM: Tied for the finest known with its limited mintage of 77, reflecting its immense value and desirability.

Christian Briggs, CEO of Hard Asset Management, commented on the acquisition, "Placing the 1885 Proof Gold Set is a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with the rarest and most exceptional numismatic assets in the world. This set is not just a collection of coins; it's a piece of American history, embodying the spirit of innovation and progress of the Gilded Era. We are thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to own a part of this remarkable legacy."

The placement of the 1885 Proof Gold Set through private treaty reinforces Hard Asset Management's position as a leader in the rare coin market, dedicated to sourcing and offering the most extraordinary and valuable coins available. 


This set is a symbol of the company's dedication to excellence and its commitment to meet the sophisticated needs of collectors and investors alike.

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Source: Hard Asset Management Inc.