Happy Hydro Launches New Line of Grow Room Glasses

Polycarbonate Glasses Provide 100% Ultraviolet Protection from Hydroponic Grow Lights, Make Pests Easy to Spot and Improve Grow Room Photos

Happy Hydro announced today the immediate availability of Grow Room Glasses, made specifically to protect your eyes from high-pressure sodium and metal halide hydroponic grow lights.

“After debating between many different items for our next product launch, this is the one we felt customers would benefit most from,” said Christopher McDonald, president of Happy Hydro. “In a lot of cases, people aren’t even aware they exist.”

Spot invisible pests

Many customers have already benefited from using Grow Room Glasses. Scott Yocina, owner of Green Zone Hydroponics, recently began stocking store shelves with Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses after he purchased a pair for himself. He says the glasses allow him to spot pests before they get out of hand.

“You would normally have to take a plant out of the grow room to spot pests that can’t be seen under an artificial light,” said Yocina. “These glasses let the customer see in that artificial lighting a more true-to-life picture of the plant with their eyes. It makes inspecting plants in a grow room just as efficient as doing it in natural light.”

Protect your vision

Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses provide eye protection not just against sharp objects and airborne debris, but also from ultraviolet radiation let off by high-pressure sodium and metal halide hydroponic grow lights. According to the American Optometric Association, excessive exposure to UV radiation can lead to long- and short-term negative effects on the eyes and vision, including the development of photokeratitis. Polycarbonate lenses mean maximum protection from impact and UV radiation.

Save the headache

Any hydroponic grower knows what it’s like to work under the harsh elements of artificial lights. Excessive exposure to high-pressure sodium and metal halide hydroponic grow lights can cause headaches that last all day.

Yocina says he’s recommended Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses to customers with complaints of headaches, and they have been very happy with the results.

Better photos

Indoor growers who are frustrated with poor photo quality inside their grow rooms will be pleased to learn that by holding up Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses to their camera lens, it will filter out the negative effects of the hydroponic lights and make your photos look like they were taken in natural light.

Grow Room Glasses' Availability

Grow Room Glasses are an update to Happy Hydro’s product catalogue driven by customer feedback and part of Happy Hydro’s commitment to deliver the most beneficial products growers are missing out on. Grow Room Glasses are available for immediate purchase on Amazon.com

Founded in 2015, Happy Hydro is an online leader in hydroponic supplies. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to improve the indoor growing experience, from curve-tipped trimming scissors to LED headlamps.

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