Hansen & Rosasco Salute First Responders and Survivors on the 19th Anniversary of September 11

Hansen & Rosasco Salute First Responders and Survivors on the Anniversary of Sept. 11th

This Friday, September 11th, 2020 marks the 19th anniversary of one of the most tragic and horrifying days in American history—the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Besides the 2,977 innocent victims that died that day, in the last 19 years over 3,000 survivors and responders have died of 9/11 related cancers and respiratory conditions due to the toxic dust and fumes that covered lower Manhattan. The lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco ask everyone to remember all the victims and their families on 9/11.

In October 2001, attorney Troy Rosasco took on a case for a family that lost a loved one when the buildings came down. He represented the family free of charge. On August 18th, 2020, another client of Hansen & Rosasco who was a former NYPD 9/11 responder died of Stage 4 colon cancer. He had been diagnosed less than six months before and was only 60 years old. The deadly impact of 9/11 continues.

Unfortunately, the number of downtown workers, residents, students and responders who are being diagnosed with new cancers is increasing each day. In addition, our entire country is now dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. These dual assaults, cancer and coronavirus, on the 9/11 community as we approach the 19th anniversary of September 11th are taking a devastating toll. Since Covid-19 invaded the United States in January 2020, the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund has had 290 death claims submitted through August 2020.

If you or a loved one are sick with any 9/11 related illness, Hansen & Rosasco wish you the best of health on the somber memory of September 11th.


For more information about the illnesses caused by the 9/11 attacks, the World Trade Center Health Plan, or the Victim Compensation Fund, call Dan Hansen and Troy Rosasco, partners at the 9/11 victim compensation fund law firm of Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, at 1-855-353-4907.

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