Hannah V. Lander's New Book 'Lost In Love' Is A Riveting Novel About A Woman Whose Search For Truth Cost Her A Heartbreaking Consequence

Fulton Books author, Hannah V. Lander, a storyteller from New Jersey, has completed her most recent book "Lost In Love": a page-turning story that revolves around a young lady named Jenna Sherwood. She enjoys spending time in the meadow. The smell of the woods, the calming sensation of the lush grass, the calming kisses of the wind, and the dependable ambiance of the large maple tree. To her, it was home. But despite being comforted by the woods, the void in her heart remains. Something is missing. Was it the warmth from the family? A romantic feeling towards a childhood friend? Or the truth behind her accident four years ago?

Lander shares, "In a quiet town far from the city lives Jenna Sherwood, a girl nearing adulthood, with scars and secrets she has no one to share with. As her family has all but abandoned her, she goes through each day much like the last—spending time with her best friend and dreaming of the relationships and innocence she have lost.

One day, Jenna's childhood friend, Alex Finch, moves back to town after many years, but their reunion may not be everything she has imagined it to be. As she finally begins to question the truth behind the most scarring event of her past, a dark figure appears and threatens to destroy what happiness she has been able to find along with any hope she may have for a future."

Published by Fulton Books, Hannah V. Lander's book is an intriguing piece that has the right amount of drama, romance, and mystery. It has a promising premise and well-written characters. 

Hannah V. Lander did not disappoint in this first installment of her Lost in Life series.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase "Lost In Love" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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