Handmade Happiness by Ruth to Release the Tiny Traveling Worlds Collection of Children's Toys

Just in the Saint Nick of Time for the Holidays Handmade Happiness by Ruth Is Launching a Collection of Eco-Friendly Toys for All the Good Boys and Girls Out There. Ruth Rau is set introduce an entire collection of children's imaginative adventure playmats and accessories to kids far and wide.

​​​Handmade Happiness by Ruth is ecstatic to be releasing their first Tiny Traveling Worlds Collection of fun, eco-friendly, fanciful playmats designed to entertain and unleash children’s imaginations everywhere Nov 12th, 2015.

Just in time for the Christmas rush Handmade Happiness by Ruth is giving the gift of imagination and play to your little ones. Celebrate the holidays with toys that are not only designed to withstand children’s rough play but will entertain them for hours on end. Gain a little peace and quiet as they are entertained for hours playing knights of the round table or pretending to be a T-Rex trapped in a tar pit.

Ruth Rau found herself at odds with the plastic, chemical laden, easily broken plastic toys most children seem to possess today. She quickly began to search for alternatives that were better for both her children and the environment. When she could not find anything suitable genius struck and she began to make her own. From that humble beginning Handmade Happiness by Ruth began to create toys that open the imagination of young ones everywhere. Now she is ready to share that gift with everyone with her Tiny Traveling Worlds Collection.

The Tiny Traveling Worlds Collection recreates all those fantasies that we have as a child and brings them to life with bold colorful sturdy playmats and bright accessories that will delight your child this holiday season. Ruth not only wanted to make these toys fun for kids portable for parents and also good for them by including velcroed areas, flaps, pockets, and tunnels to help children develop their fine motor skills.

These fun playmats all have pockets to tuck away the accessories and fold up for easy storage and to make travel a breeze. You can take them to doctors appointments, family gatherings, or picnics in the park to keep your child entertained for hours on end as they rescue the fair maiden or zoom around the track before making a pit stop for a fill-up. The playmats are built tough to withstand lots of rugged and rough play.

Created from organic materials that meet CPSC Guidelines so you are only getting the best out there. With hand finished details and durable construction they will not harm your child and will be delighting them for years to come. This will be a gift you can pass down from generation to generation creating memories which is so important.

Handmade Happiness by Ruth wants to be a part of your child’s life this holiday season with one of their whimsical playmats. It is a perfect gift for your child, a grandchild, or a nephew or niece. Give them the gift of inspired play and on the go fun that is not only safe but will keep them occupied at home or out and about for hours and hours. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing that it is all natural. Let your little ones imagination take flight and travel from the barnyard to the prehistoric land of the dinosaur with their very own playmat from the Tiny Traveling Worlds Collection. Bring creativity and play home this holiday.

About Handmade Happiness by Ruth

Ruth Rau is a part time architect and a mother to two lovely sons. Like many mothers she faced the challenge of clutter from cheap plastic toys that kept breaking as her boys played with them. Alarmed by a recall on some of her children’s toys and with little information to be had about the effects the chemicals might have on her children Ruth became worried. She began a search for healthier organic alternatives for toys and found very little that met her high standards.

Handmade Happiness by Ruth was born when she began to not only sew playmats for her own children but began to design them unhappy with the patterns that were out there. She felt like she could create better using her skills as an architect and her knowledge as a mother to create something that was both durable and fun.

Eventually friends, neighbors, and complete strangers began to notice her children playing with these wonderful creative playmats. They expressed similar frustration to Ruth about not being able to find toys that are not needing to be replaced every week, that are not harmful, and keep children entertained. She began almost immediately to make and sell them to the families in her community and online.

Now Ruth wants to bring you and your child into her wonderful world of imaginative fun and whimsical play with her first collection of organic playmats and playful accessories. She wants to inspire parents to consider what their children are playing with and make the best choice this Christmas and give them the very best. Create memories with your children this holiday season that you can cherish all year long with a gift that will arouse their curiosity and spark their minds to new creative heights.

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About Handmade Happiness by Ruth

Beautiful handmade toys to inspire imaginative play. Ruth uses her skills as an architect and her knowledge as a mother to sew and design toys and play mats for her children. She set out to create something that was durable, fun and eco friendly.

Handmade Happiness by Ruth

Winchester, VA