Hamilton Ventura Chrono Quartz H24412732

Today's Ventura is complete in itself and the Hamilton Khaki King Automatic quartz has been described as the Ventura on steroids.

Tired of symmetry? Try asymmetrical and there’s none to beat the Hamilton Ventura!

The reason why we don’t get to see the asymmetrical watch cases often is most of the times, they don’t sit well with the public taste. It’s an idea most bands have flirted with most but the promise of consistency varied to great extents. Only Hamilton could pull off with this and created a design icon out of it. The Hamilton Ventura, ever since, became an emblem!

The first time the Hamilton Khaki King came out in the market was in 1957 and it created a sensation for being the first electric-powered watch made available for the public. A decade-long research went behind its making; the concept was making a balance wheel sway with help from an integrated coil and two magnets placed inside the movement plate. As soon as the integrated coil moved in between the magnets, the contact springs closed, making a current run through the coil, generating a pulse and a deflection occurred. This powered the movement.

The Hamilton Ventura Classic chrono quartz; however, doesn’t run on that vintage technology.  It’s a normal, absolutely perfect and reliable, modern Swiss quartz chrono movement that powers it, but that’s not what got it popular.

Of course, it was not only the movement that made people buy this watch. It was most certainly also the design. Responsible for its futuristic looks was Richard Arbib (ex-General Motors) and Harry Winston from Century Boats; they worked together to create a design that embodied the rapid technological breakthroughs the post-WWII world was getting exposed to. The Ventura was the outcome.

Today’s Ventura is complete in itself and the Hamilton Khaki King Automatic quartz has been described as the Ventura on steroids. It is even more streamlined and sculpted more futuristically into something that’s much more refreshing than its predecessors. But at the same time, it’s faithful to its original 1957 model, complete with digit-markings and embossed rounded points.

This elegant and stylish piece features a precise, battery operated quartz chronograph mechanism and crafted entirely in stainless steel, which adds the sharpness to the triangular watch case, bringing classiness into a very futuristic style. That makes it an excellent timepiece that’s wearable everywhere and in every occasion.

The Hamilton Khaki Automatic Watches is a sequel to the original but has enough traits to become a classic on its own. Materials are far better grade this time and the dial, flatter and without the word Electric. Thoroughly modern in design and housing an ETA quartz movement, it is very light on the wrist and has a very good lume, so bright that it makes visible every marking in the dark. A truly iconic watch that glorifies the American sense of design!

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