Hamilton Crawford Says May Could Compromise on Brexit

Hamilton Crawford - As the threat of another impasse in Brexit discussions increases, May adopts a more conciliatory tone.

There are only a few weeks to go before a crucial summit at which Britain hopes to convince the EU to agree to a period of transition after Brexit.

Hamilton Crawford analysts say there could be a deal at the eleventh hour similar to December’s decision to move discussions to trade while an anticipated interest rate hike from the BoE supports the pound.

Tensions have increased between the EU and the UK in the Brexit discussions with British Prime Minister Theresa May refusing to accept the draft treaty proposed by the EU last week. May is insisting that the Brexit deal includes financial services and wants the EU to agree to a phase of transition at the summit later this month.

Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief negotiator has cautioned that such a deal could fall apart before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU in March next year.

May’s room for negotiation has shrunk due to domestic political uncertainty and some analysts are concerned that this may cause her administration to collapse.

Hamilton Crawford analysts say that the same factors causing concern over May’s leadership may actually help the pound. They expect May to reach a compromise with Brussels which could lead to a more favorable Brexit for businesses.

May seemed to adopt a peacemaking stance at a speech last week when she stated that neither the UK nor the EU was likely to get exactly what they want and giving the indication that she is willing to place business interests and employment before ideology.

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