Hamilton Crawford: No Second Option to Grand Coalition for Germany

SPD disarray threatens coalition deal, with no Plan B says Hamilton Crawford.

Hamilton Crawford economists say that, according to a recent survey, support for Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) has hit an all-time low and the party’s future leader has said there is no alternative plan if the party members do not approve a coalition agreement with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party.

The SPD’s 464,000 members are to vote in a postal referendum that will begin on the 20th February. The vote is to determine whether the centre-left party members are in favor of their party going ahead with the agreement reached between SPD and Merkel’s party to establish their grand power-sharing coalition.

Hamilton Crawford economists say that the SPD’s leader-in-waiting, Andrea Nahles, is convinced that the vote will go in favor of the coalition and that the party has no Plan B.

Nahles made the comments after a local survey revealed that support for the SPD dropped to a record low of 16 percent, just one percent more than support for rival the AfD party.

The SPD has been divided even further since its leaders clinched the coalition deal, affected by differing opinions on whether or not to partner with Merkel and her conservatives, a loss of faith in current leader Martin Schulz and concerns over the process of appointing the next leader.

In an interview with the press, Andrea Nahles said that although there had been difficult times recently, she was hopeful that the party could now begin to move forward.

According to Hamilton Crawford economists, the persistent problems within the SPD have led to some conservative politicians seeking a minority government instead of a coalition agreement.

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