Top Nameplate Manufacturer in the US Expands to New Industries as Part of Post-Covid Expansion

Hallmark Nameplate's new industry-specific webpages cater to the aerospace industry, medical industry, food service industry, and more

Aerospace Labels & Nameplates

To kick off 2022, Hallmark Nameplate launched six new industry-specific web pages about the capabilities of their services and products in the aerospaceautomotivecomputerfood servicemedical, and telecommunications industries.

Known as one of the leading nameplate manufacturers in the US, with over 50 years of experience, are dedicated to being proficient in all fields to best guide their customers towards the best solution for their application and deliver a product that meets all industry standards.  

The team has received numerous certifications to ensure they are able to adapt their products to their customer's facilities and equipment that may require materials with strict and precise specifications, certifications, or inspection procedures.  

Hallmark Nameplate is UL certified, RoHS and ITAR compliant, and a 3M Preferred Converter. Their other certifications include ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and GPI.

"Our certifications ensure that our customer's products meet all industry standards. Nameplates provide vital information that has to be clear to the machine's operator, making them crucial to the safety and efficiency of the company," said Gary Stura, Hallmark Nameplate's President.

Hallmark Nameplate can help you mitigate risks and abide by safety protocols through the use of durable, custom labels, stickers, barcodes, PCBs, nameplates, and overlays. Take a look at our industry pages,, to find information about your industry and how our products relate to your unique business.  

To learn more you can contact Mike Williams at or by phone at (352)-383-8142. 

Source: Hallmark Nameplate