Hall of Famer, Pedro Martinez, Communicates How Legal Counsel, Fogel & Potamianos LLP, Has Helped Him Feel Protected

Pedro Martínez exalted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in the United States of America

Hall of Famer, Pedro Martinez, shares his experience in working with the law firm Fogel & Potamianos LLP (F&P) and how they have added great benefit to his business endeavors.  

Pedro has a very active post-baseball career with many TV and sports opportunities that keep him busy, and he needs a top-notch legal firm that is going to think about all his business deals and provide him with the best legal counsel. Pedro says, “I feel peace knowing I have a legal team in my court, making sure I am set up well, and protected. I feel like my team has my back, and I appreciate F&P for all the hard work they have done.”

Jerome Fogel and Constantine Potamianos, co-founders of F&P, have proudly worked with Pedro for over six years; they say, "Pedro is a one-of-a-kind, magnanimous human being. Our team works tirelessly to advise on every deal and every aspect of his ventures and brand. But it's more than just transactional for us. We are passionately driven to continue to see Pedro as successful off the field as he was on it."

F&P not only helps Pedro Martinez with his business endeavors but also provides legal services to his foundation, the Pedro Martinez Foundation. Pedro says, “It’s great to have a law firm that gets involved in the things that are important to me, and actively shows their support. You don’t see that every day.” To get more information about the Pedro Martinez Foundation, please go to www.pedromartinezfoundation.com

To read more about Fogel & Potamianos and their work with Pedro Martinez and the Pedro Martinez Foundation, please visit https://fpgeneralcounsel.com/the-pedro-martinez-dream-team/

Source: Fogel & Potamianos LLP

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