Halcyon Solutions and Living PlanIT Collaborate to Support U.S. Department of Transportation

Two leading tech companies join forces to bring cutting-edge technology to the U.S. transport sector

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​Living PlanIT and Halcyon Solutions announce a strategic collaboration today to support the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Smart City initiatives across the country. These two companies will combine their expertise in developing technology solutions for IoT and smart city projects, and their collective international presence, in order to assist cities in implementing solutions for transportation, healthcare and public safety.

Cities around the world are increasingly realizing the potential benefits of technology to uplift economically disadvantaged citizens through environmentally sustainable transportation options, more accessible healthcare and jobs, supporting metropolitan areas in developing and maintaining a resilient urban environment.

The complexity of the interrelated problems that cities face makes it a daunting challenge to deliver advanced ("Smart") solutions that create meaningful results. However, by leveraging domain expertise and technology, it is possible to understand more deeply what is happening in the world around us, to analyze the situation and make informed decisions about how we can respond by designing and deploying targeted, effective solutions. The combination of Living PlanIT's smart infrastructure platform (PlanIT Urban Operating System™), plus a suite of Halcyon's resources running on top, guided by collective project experience of the companies, represents a ground-breaking opportunity to deliver real change.

Sanjay Dudaney, President of Halcyon Solutions, said:
"Halcyon has always been in the forefront of technology and has pushed the envelope to help its clients gain business value from these new technological advancements. Recently, we implemented an IoT-enabled solution for a major ambulance manufacturer, which equipped their ambulances with the ability to capture real-time data from their vehicles, improving response time during emergencies. Our BI and Analytics Practice has assisted healthcare and retail clients in deriving insights from data and making better business decisions in a real-time fashion. This collaboration with Living PlanIT is a further demonstration of Halcyon's commitment to leveraging best-in-class technology to meet social and business objectives."

Dan Byles, VP Head of Corporate Development for Living PlanIT, said:
"We are delighted to be working with Halcyon to help cities across the United States bring innovative technology to bear on real-world problems. Cities are historically made up of siloed systems operating independently, which can make it difficult to create efficient and responsive services. Gathering, managing and curating the massive amounts of data generated in a city environment is not trivial. Extracting meaning from the data, so that safe and timely decisions and interventions can be made, is even harder. Living PlanIT is the market leader in applying innovative technology to the urban environment to integrate services and to unlock the power of real-time data and analytics. We have worked with Governments and cities around the world, including leading the UK Government's first ever National Internet of Things (IoT) Demonstrator Project at London City Airport. We strongly believe that our technology, coupled with Halcyon's deep domain knowledge and experience, will help cities across the US to enhance city services and improve the quality of life for citizens."

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