Halcyon Software Launches New Multi-Platform Systems Management Solution For Japanese Market

Halcyon Software has announced the immediate availability of the first product of systems management solution that fully supports the Japanese language.

Halcyon Software, the global leader in systems management software, has announced the immediate availability of the first product of its class that fully supports the Japanese language. Halcyon was assisted by Solpac, its Tokyo-based strategic partner, which is a leading provider of consultancy services and specialist software solutions for the IBM midrange server market in Japan. Solpac will now provide Halcyon Software's full range of cross-platform monitoring and automation products which will significantly reduce the operating costs of Japanese companies using IBM's Power Systems hardware, Windows and Linux servers throughout Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

According to Hiroshi Watanabe, Managing Operating Officer at Solpac: "Delivering local language solutions to our customers and partners is vital in today's demanding market. Halcyon Software has developed a world-class offering in its cross-platform support for the IBM i, AIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. We are excited to be taking this totally new offering to the iSUC show in Sendai next month for its formal launch."

Halcyon Software's new systems management software is now fully compatible with 'double byte character sets' (DBCS), enabling all user interfaces and help text screens to be displayed in Japanese. This capability will allow the tools to be used to their full potential by Japanese companies in their own language. Halcyon designed the methodology for converting its back-end programming code to DBCS, while Solpac helped with translation. It is also the first cross-platform solution to forward Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps from the IBM i platform in Japanese. The software allows in-depth monitoring of individual servers enabling IT staff to drill down and identify which particular process has failed. Automatic actions can be pre-configured to reduce the risk of business operations being affected.

"We have made a significant investment in developing a totally new and unique DBCS-based systems management software solution, confirming our commitment to meeting the needs of Japanese companies operating throughout the Asia Pacific region," added Lorraine Cousins, Managing Director of Halcyon Software. "We are pleased to be partnering with Solpac to launch this new solution that will enable Japanese users to monitor critical business applications and reduce operating costs. This partnership will be an important factor in helping us to meet our global strategy for growth."

The new software is being trialled with customers across Japan, which have already commended the modern user interfaces and the specialist templates for monitoring Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business applications such as JD Edwards, Infor and SAP. Halcyon Software's monitoring tools deliver significant business benefits through the proactive monitoring of critical business applications and automation of corrective actions should issues or problems be detected.

Halcyon Software will be partnering Solpac at the IBM Intermediate System User Conference (iSUC) 2012 which is being held in Sendai, Japan on 7th November. With a theme of 'Innovation - Into the Future' this conference for IT skill development and information exchange will be an ideal forum to launch Halcyon Software's new DBCS monitoring tools to Japanese IBM users.