Haiti's Largest Microfinance Institution Leverages Massive Network to Administer COVID-19 Training to Community Health Entrepreneurs Across Country

Fonkoze Stands in Solidarity with Haiti's Poor

In a country where the medical system is already fragile and accessibility to basic health services (and clean water) for its poorest citizens is severely lacking, a COVID​-19 outbreak could devastate Haiti. The country’s lack of infrastructure (e.g., paved roads) would add to the crisis, making it difficult for health officials to reach those infected and vice versa.

“We at Fonkoze are deeply concerned by the evolving situation related to COVID​-19, including how it may impact the most vulnerable populations in Haiti and globally,” says Carine Roenen, Executive Director of the Fonkoze Foundation in Haiti.

For over 25 years, Fonkoze has supported Haitians to lift themselves out of poverty and to deal with crises, including hurricanes, earthquakes and political and economic upheaval. Well before Haiti had its first confirmed case of COVID​-19, leaders of Fonkoze put a response plan in place to help the hundreds of thousands of people it serves across the country prevent the spread of the disease.

With branches located in virtually every region in Haiti, Fonkoze is leveraging its large network to administer sanitation, water purification and other training to its 900+ staff and nearly 1,400 trained Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) across the country.

Fonkoze USA is raising funds to support this work in Haiti: helping teams to secure protective gear; developing public service announcements through innovative channels; and ensuring that the most vulnerable households have access to medical care.

For more information, contact Sherry Todd-Green, Fonkoze USA's Director of Communications, at stoddgreen@fonkoze.org.

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