Haileybury Leading the Way in Providing Support for Students During Lockdown

Haileybury remains committed to providing ongoing support to assist students and families as they navigate lockdown 6.0 in Melbourne.


 For many students, lockdown 6.0 has been the toughest yet. Having spent much of the past two years learning online, students are craving social interaction with their peers and the face-to-face learning with their teachers that comes from being in the same physical environment.

As the leading private school Melbourne wide, Haileybury has a wide range of support structures available to assist students and families, including access to excellent psychologists and Pastoral Care teams. For the senior school students, the Heads of House are their first point of call.

While navigating the pandemic has been a challenge for the entire school community, Haileybury's experienced psychologists have been there every step of the way to offer support. In addition to seeing students for counselling and support sessions via Zoom, the school's psychologists have been able to present wellbeing information to the whole school community online, including webinars for parents and carers.

According to Haileybury, the school community has been working together to ensure the necessary support is in place for students and families. The school remains committed to living up to its motto that 'every student matters every day'.

Haileybury says they have been proactively supporting all initiatives to get students back to on-campus learning as soon as possible. In the meantime, the best private school Melbourne wide explains their teaching staff have remained focused on keeping students motivated and delivering the highest quality virtual classroom program.

Rather than reducing education delivery, Haileybury has re-purposed every aspect of the school day into a virtual form explaining their programs have been designed to keep students engaged, focused and understanding that their investment in time and effort while learning in the virtual space, will pay off. The outstanding results of the most recent parent survey on children's learning experiences are testament to both the School and the teachers' commitment to student education.

Of equal importance is the example set by Haileybury teachers and support staff, demonstrating agility, flexibility, the ability to pivot and the importance of being resilient. The lockdown challenges have enabled students to develop their skills and capacities in a broader sense, helping to prepare them for the 'new-normal' in post-school study and the work environment.

As one of the most elite private schools Melbourne and Australia wide, Haileybury continues to lead the way when it comes to providing the best in education and helping students prepare for life beyond school.

Haileybury School

855 Springvale Rd
Keysborough VIC 3173

T: +61 3 9904 6110

Source: Haileybury


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