HaHa Cloud Machine: A Humor Themed Illustration Show

A Group Art Show Featuring the Work of Daniel Johnston, Charlyne Yi, Penelope Gazin, Matt Furie, Craig Gleason, Travis Millard, and More.

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MADE by Millworks is pleased to present Haha Cloud Machine, a group show featuring some of the most outstanding illustrators in the Long Beach and Los Angeles area. David Van Patten has curated seventeen eighteen illustrators who excel in the art of surreal comedy leaning toward the macabre. Sometimes covert and other times overt, this lineup of artists hatch bizarre juxtapositions to poke fun at some of the feeble infrastructures that support politics, life and love. These surrealist imaginings have been plucked from indie comics, a genre that dislodges the hero and villain trope commonly seen in mainstream comics. Rather, they are inspired by literature and autobiographical experiences. From Michael Hsiung’s nautical journeymen, to Penelope Gazin’s grotesque illustrations of the oversexed and Daniel Johnston’s vibrant work from his premier graphic novel, “Space Ducks,” Haha Cloud Machine is an intentional push to underline the rich illustration culture in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Artists included are Daniel Johnston, James Carey, Creep, Matt Furie, Penelope Gazin, Craig Gleason, Walt Gorecki, Future Haircut, Michael Hsiung, Abraham Jay, Luke McGarry, Jeff McMillan, Lara Lee Mientijes, Travis Millard, Ryan Milner, Lara Odell, David Van Patten, and Charlyne Yi. Featuring DJ Chris Ziegler.

"This is one of the best curated group illustration shows Long Beach has ever hosted. This event will activate the community by exposing high caliber artists to Long Beach natives, and reveal to the Los Angele surrounding area what Long Beach is capable of."

James Carey, Professional Artist Participating in Exhibit

Opening reception is March 18 from 7 -9pm. Haha Cloud Machine will be up until April 30.

At MADE by Millworks
236 Pine St., Long Beach, CA 90802

Media Contact:
Dave Van Patten
562 253 6889

Source: MADE by Millworks presents HaHa Cloud Machine: A Humor Themed Il

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