Hackerati Launches Professional Development Partnership With the Knowledge House

Engineering Consultancy Teaches Coders from the South Bronx What it Means to be a Hacker

Hackerati, a boutique engineering consultancy headquartered in NYC, presented “The Code & Craft of Career Development” to 20 students from The Knowledge House (TKH), a nonprofit social enterprise providing technology education and job training to young adults in the South Bronx. The event marked the kickoff of a long-term partnership between the organizations, which will support TKH’s mission to provide students, ages 16-24, with 21st century hard and soft skills and ultimately develop a pipeline of tech talent from low-income communities.

Hackerati has committed to developing and teaching a variety of seminars and classes for TKH including:

  • The Lean Startup: Bringing a Product to Market
  • Intro to React
  • The Code and Craft of Career Development

Accompanied with the latter, Hackerati will be reviewing student resumes, providing them with code challenges, and holding mock interviews, all of which are aimed to thoroughly prepare the students for a real-world technology job search and career path. Hackerati will also be using TKH as a talent pipeline, interviewing their top students for internships and entry level positions.

"The panel hosted by Hackerati was informative and I'm happy the team demystified the hiring process for us beginners." - Mike, Student, Age 24

The title of the class, “The Code and Craft of Career Development,” is representative of the tech company's philosophy that a true hacker is both an artist and a scientist – one who is committed to constantly improving their trade.  

“A true hacker possesses more than superior technical skills. Being a hacker involves a mindset – a way of life even – geared toward constant improvement and striving for perfection,” said Hackerati co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Geoff Scott. “The Japanese have a word for it: shokunin. This attitude of  pushing boundaries is what forms the basis of Hackerati’s ethos and it’s what we want to teach these aspiring technologists. We hope to instill in them our philosophy that masterful work – no matter what they are building – is not just coded, it’s crafted.”

In the vein of craftsmen from centuries past, the team of engineers at Hackerati, mentoring promising youths, echos the hallmark of artisan culture. Designing, refining and remastering— almost obsessively — hackers are in fact modern day craftsmen.

“The partnership with Hackerati is emblematic of the kind of support we need to successfully develop a new generation of highly-skilled, professional, ethical and diverse technical talent; the modern hackers that will change the industry landscape.” - TKH co-founder and CEO, Jerelyn Rodriguez

About Hackerati: Hackerati is company of premier technology consultants that Code & Craft transformative Web, Mobile, Data and Infrastructure strategies, products and solutions that accelerate business. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in NYC, and among its includes Huffington Post, Vocativ, Meetup, Nestle Waters and Viacom.

About The Knowledge House: The Knowledge House is a nonprofit located in the South Bronx that is investing in the next generation of technologists. The organization was started to address the 36% of 16-24 year olds in the low income area that are disconnected from school and work. By creating local web literacy and tech-entrepreneurship programs they are providing the youth they serve with access to postsecondary training and career readiness for the technology and social innovation sector.


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Jordana Yellin
Vice President of Marketing
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Hackerati is a company of premier technology consultants that Code & Craft transformative Web, Mobile, Data and Infrastructure strategies, products and solutions that accelerate business.

Jordana Yellin
Jordana Yellin
Vice President of Marketing, Hackerati
26 Broadway (8th Floor)
New York, NY 10004
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