HAAGEN Has Completed a Mobile Fire Training Container for SDIS 25 in France

SDIS 25 Mobile Training Container

HAAGEN is very excited to a deliver a completed project to SDIS 25 (Service départemental d'incendie et de secours du Doubs) in France.

The 45’ shipping container on a mobile trailer includes three training rooms with many features and props such as a folding stairwell to practice basement entries, sofa fire, electric cabinet fire, gas meter fire, flashover, backdraft indicator, breachable door, kitchen fire, uneven floors, smoke, sound effects and more.

The Department of Fire and Rescue Service of Doubs will use this container to train all employees in a highly realistic environment so that in the event of a real emergency they are well prepared to extinguish the fire and keep their community safe. This mobile container completely self-supporting, all it needs is a hook up to a water supply. It includes a control room with windows so that all training rooms are visible which allows the trainees to be supervised, observed and less likely to become injured during training.

The container is also equipped with gas storage for a tank up to 300kg and there is a diesel fueled power generator in the technical room. The container can store up to 40 breathing apparatuses and masks. The masks can also be cleaned in the washer and dryer located in the technical room. By including all of these features the container is fully self-supported.

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