H3 Concepts Inc. Goes to Dallas, President Delivers Speech

Select individuals from H3 Concepts Inc. will be attending the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas as one of the firm's many travel opportunities offered. Laura F., the company's President, will be one of the speakers.

“We’re excited about this upcoming conference for so many reasons,” Laura said. “This will be the initial event that some of our promotional specialists have attended, so it’s great to see how they respond to the wealth of knowledge they’ll gain and the people they meet along the way. It’s really eye-opening to go for the first time because it exposes them to just how big this industry is and all of the opportunities in store.”

Much of the conference focuses on hands-on training as well as networking with other professionals. There are keynote speeches from industry leaders, as well as breakout sessions on specific topics. Laura is honored to represent H3 Concepts Inc. at this event as she shares what it means to be a team-building company. “We strive to create the ideal atmosphere in which to work and grow both personally and professionally,” she said. “It’s important to have a healthy and positive workspace in which all team members are valued. I’ll be talking about how we maintain this environment, as well as sharing some of my personal experiences in this field.”

H3 Concepts Inc.’s President Shares Why Business Travel Is a Priority

Unlike many other companies in today’s business environment, H3 Concepts Inc. places emphasis on team member travel opportunities. “It’s rare, I know,” said Laura. “However, it’s an investment that has paid a return time and again with our firm. We look forward to these trips for many reasons.”

As Laura suggested, knowledge transfer is key. “There’s only so much we can teach in-house and we want our people to have fresh insights,” she said. “Conferences and cross-training with other regions are two ways in which our promotional specialists can broaden their horizons. After their onboarding phases, they’ve mastered our model and now their brains click when they learn something elsewhere because they know how to apply it here. Product campaign creation relies on innovation, which is why the diverse experiences that come from travel benefit us.”

“We also stress building a professional network, and that means meeting people outside of our own area as well,” Laura added. “When we’re traveling, we can expand our contact bases quickly.”

Laura and her team are primed for this upcoming trip to Dallas and look forward to the ones to follow. “Each time, we learn something new, we share something vital with others, and we deepen our commitment to our mission. More importantly, we become closer as a team. It’s all good.”

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