H1 Cinema Launches Inspiring Film on Cancer Awareness & Prevention Campaign on Indiegogo

"Too Soon" is an upcoming motivational film by H1 Cinema which aspires to educate people about regular medical examinations that will help with early detection and effective prevention of cancer.

In 2018, 9.6 million deaths were caused by cancer, and one of the reasons is prolonged negligence of one's health. Worse, the number is predicted to increase at an alarming rate each year. But, there still seems to be a ray of hope. An Ottawa-based indie film production company, H1 Cinema has launched a campaign on Indiegogo for ‘Too Soon’ which is aimed to spread awareness about the life-threatening disease and also help to prevent it. The film aspires to change the common perception and approach about cancer to save lives.

The objective is to raise awareness about cancer as well as educate people about the significance of regular medical examinations.

"This fatal illness has been claiming lives at an alarming rate across the world. Through our new movie, we are looking to make a positive contribution towards the prevention of cancer," stated producer Mel Kris, while talking about the primary motivation behind this film.

Speaking further, she said sometimes our body sends us signals, but we fail to interpret them and take necessary steps on time, and that takes things beyond control. Cancer is something that can happen to anybody, including even the healthiest of individuals. Only a medical professional can detect the signs of cancer. Hence, it's crucial for all to get medical examinations regularly so that cancerous cells (if any) can be detected early.

"It's essential for all of us to get regular medical checkups. It will help us to detect risks of threatening medical conditions like cancer at its early stage and prevent the spread of the disease effectively with a timely diagnosis before it's too late. It's high time that each of us takes a pro-active approach to prevent this menace through timely action.”

"This movie will take cancer awareness to the next level and will educate people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle -promoting both physical activity and nutrition. It will also present a beautiful rendition of strong friendship within diversity

 Backers will be rewarded with a series of gifts like digital poster, trailer and movie download access, T-shirts, as well as designations of Associate producer and Executive producer.

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Source: H1 CINEMA